Hi guys!!

So I sort of felt like I probably should have a About page on my blog by now (a year later haha…) but honestly it’s so hard to come up with what this blog website is about in a couple sentences or paragraph. Everything you see on this website is a expression and feeling from me all combined to produce Carrie Project. I started Carrie Project as a personal project of my own to work on myself and create a outlet for me to release all my creativity that’s been built up in my crazy little brain and a place for me to turn to when I’m feeling stressed. I’m in love with sharing through visual media whether it be through my photographs, my dinky captions on Instagram, or blog posts that I write which I find super entertaining (and I also think I’m hilarious lol). If I’m able to lighten someones day in someway through something I’ve created, or maybe made someone feel a little less alone in this crazy big world, or inspired someone in some way tiny way, that would make me the happiest person. Carrie Project was started for me but at the end of the day it’s a place for all of us – we’re all family in this beautifully created world.

Sending good vibes as always!