So you’re thinking of coming to Koh Tao at one point in your Thailand trip, first off, great choice. Island Tao is known for its incredible beaches, diving spots, and marine life. Out of the three Thai Trio islands, including Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, I loved Koh Tao the best for its vibrant nature, beautiful shorelines, and felt that this island truly offered adventure and lifestyle for travelers being the most in touch with nature out of the three!

Coming to Koh Tao was an unexpected decision during my one month in Thailand, and was the best decision I made. It’s funny how the unexpected is always the best outcomes in life… don’t you think? It’s a hard time having to decide where to book your accommodation with your dive school to make the most of your island time here, but no worries, keep reading below on where to stay on Koh Tao to help you make your decision a lot easier.

View Point Resort Review + Diving Experience

I stayed at View Point Resort for 3 nights and loved every second there. Bringing nothing short of extraordinary, I believe it’s one of my favorite resorts I have stayed at to this day… and that’s lots to say! Fall asleep to the sounds of the waves, enjoy a nutritious and fresh breakfast, be foot distance to town and near all Diving centers to complete your certification, and come back to your tropical modern home away from home at View Point Resort where luxury meets lush nature.

View Point is situated only a 10-minute drive from the pier, located at the pinnacle of Chalok Baan Kao away from the hustle and bustle of Mae Haad and Sairee, where you will be dropped off from the ferry when you arrive. Being situated on the coastlines giving you a stone’s throw away to the beach from your balcony, you can arrange complimentary transportation to and from View Point so you don’t have to worry about how to get to this heavenly destination. Secluded enough for your personal privacy yet only a 15 minute walk away into town for exploring making it the ideal spot to dive and snorkel in Koh Tao and for local town strolls if it’s part of your itinerary. After a long day out in the Thai sunshine, an oasis awaits at View Point where you can relax joyfully by the outdoor pool, your private pool in your villa, or the beach.

My room was out of this world. The photos speak for themselves with the palace size bed, sleek wooden bathroom with large windows to allow light to seep in for sunrise and sunset. Private balcony with comfy cushions and chairs to read or bask in the sun with the horizon of the ocean at View Point. The private pool and personalized lounge room with a TV, couch, and fridge, made for everything you need to unwind and relax with ease. Simple yet elegant interior design shows of good taste in a refreshingly authentic way. Serving all functions of your stay from each air-conditioned room while giving you special access to nature and views. What more could you ask for on an island, am I right? Integrating nature in the most harmonious way, for instance, the washroom in villa 7 felt like I was showering outdoors in a private jungle!!

Another thing I have to mention is View Point also gifted a bottle of white wine on my first-night stay with a little welcome card which I thought was the sweetest thing ever. It was like receiving a welcome home gift from a friend and a girl can never complain with a bottle of wine to close off the night. Breakfast is divine with their outdoor open space restaurant patio beside their renovated outdoor pool overlooking the horizon of the beaches, mountains, and greenery.

I truly wished I had more time to spend at View Point Resort, I mean just look at this place!! And these photos don’t do justice to the experience you’ll have at this resort. I would recommend 4 nights at View Point if you are looking to do the PADI Open Water Certification which takes 3 Days meaning it would leave you with one full day of relaxation in celebration at the resort. You can book your diving with View point which they have a sweet partnership with Ocean Sound Diving Centre which is where I completed my diving course to be PADI Open Water Certified aka Mermaid status!

Staff and team at View Point are so helpful to ensure your plans run smoothly, and welcoming making sure you feel right at home upon arrival and showing you all the hidden gems of the island on where to eat and best places to watch the sunset! Breakfast is divine, including a catered menu incorporating both Thai and Western Cuisine depending on personal taste with a buffet style of fresh fruit, coffee and juice, bakery bread and pastries, and yogurt and granola. Set foot in their outdoor open space restaurant patio beside their renovated outdoor pool overlooking the horizon of the beaches, mountains, and greenery. And if you ever miss breakfast at View Point, which is likely to happen if you decide to do early morning dives, they have a bomb breakfast sandwich menu and luxie healthy smoothies available to take out!! Total food coma!

With incorporating all the elements of nature in your stay at View Point, wind with the villa built right into the hillside taking in the ocean breeze and fresh air, water being so close to ocean underneath your nose, fire with the sunshine melting down, and earth with their laid-back lounge area built specifically to help regain your balance with its organic freeform shapes.
Absolute pure blissful experience at View Point for a peaceful and restful environment to truly connect with nature in the most harmonious way in Koh Tao.

Looking to Head to Tropical Heaven in Koh Tao? Book with View Point Resort here.