If you’re planning on taking a spiritual trip to Koh Phangan, and looking for an wholesome experience at a yoga retreat, I have the perfect place for you. First off, great choice on Koh Phangan, it’s a magical island sitting on top of crystals so you can instantly feel it’s a special place to be in.

In this post, I wanted to share with you my experience at Orion Healing Centre which is a sanctuary for those seeking to re-connect and transform themselves and their lives. Family run since 2005 and inspired to provide others with the support along your life journey of self-discovery, whether you want to deepen your yoga practice with their detox program, wanting to fast in a safe space with others on the same route with professional guidance, looking to try yoga and meditation for the first time or advance your practice, or cleanse and purify your body with truly delicious fresh food. Orion’s beachfront cafe will welcome you with high-quality vegan and raw food dishes and you can experience exactly why they were awarded as THE Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Thailand.

It’s a full-on paradise incorporated with a diverse and variety of experiences unfolding at Orion, a full cafe, and beachfront and detox lounge to relax and open your heart to the present moment.

So I’ll start this review off with food because I love food – haha! Before coming to Orion, I had just stepped my big toes into the Organic food world whilst working for a Certified Organic food company last year. I learned lots about the benefits of choosing to eat organic and putting wholesome foods into my body which I’ve personally experienced/experiencing the most life-changing results. The current struggle for me with my journey to eating organic was being creative with flavors and ideas on what to make, I was eating the same baked veggies every night and I’m getting SO bored of it!!!

Coming to Orion Cafe, I was so inspired to take home the food experiences & ideas I’ve gained from their cafe. I can’t applaud enough to the Orion chef and kitchen staff for crafting together this menu and making magic happen to my taste buds and insides.

From chickpea flour to hemp mylk, dehydrated carrot crackers, eggplant bacon, peanut sauce, veggie pate, using tahini with papaya, cashew cheese caesar salad to cashew cream cheese cake… the list is endless.

It’s magic and art in its rawest form. It’s common for many of us to get caught up in our “Go GO GO!” society of having to do things quickly, even eating! But it’s so important to eat mindfully, meaning being present with every bite, maybe try slowing down your chewing, being aware if the mind wanders and bring it back to the plate in front of you that is going to fuel your body. My digestion has improved so much from my 10 days at Orion. I was suffering heavily from digestion issues in Canada with a combination of stress, rush eating and not being present with eating, and consuming non-organic junk food that not only made my body clench with disgust but mentally as well. After my 10 days at Orion, I feel like my body is en route to recovery mode and I’m able to become so much more aware of how to eat healthy in a creative way to nourish BOTH my mind, body, and taste buds all at the same time. If you are only just stopping by Koh Phangan for a day and don’t have time to do their detox program or retreat, I would still recommend dropping by Orion Cafe for a quick visit, it’ll be worth your time!!

I spent 10 days at Orion and every single day there was something NEW and exciting to look forward to. I always felt like a new experience unfolded with all the classes and workshops available daily to deeply grow with and within myself. To challenge yet to relax with their meditation, yoga, breathing and healing classes. A true experience that I will never forget and can take with me outside of Orion in “reality” as some call it. And THAT is the true beauty of this magical place nestled in Koh Phangan.

The concrete room (Type C Room) I stayed in was so cozy and made me feel like home to relax in and be in peace after classes or a busy day doing work at the Orion cafe. Very clean, maintained with equipped with air con or fan for your temperature, hygienic washroom, daily water bottles to use to brush your teeth or for a drink of water at night, and room service for cleaning if needed! The type C room I stayed in was just meters away from their fitness gym (YES they also have a gym!!) and the jungle Shabaka and the centre of Orion. Close yet far enough!

A safe & open space for ALL people. I was so inspired by others around me at Orion, all so different and beautiful, and being at Orion for all different reason. Some for detox vacation, some for fasting with health issues, fat loss, backpackers & travelers, as a getaway to work and live in Thailand, for yoga teacher training, and more. I went into Orion with no friends and came out with new friends that I know I’ll reunite with in the near future.

Whether you’re a budding yogi, yogi in training, completely new and have no idea what yoga even means, a yoga instructor, and so on, the classes at Orion are suited for ALL levels. There are no criteria for the classes because the instructors will have a modification for you. Through their detox program yoga classes & meditation, I experienced for the first time kundalini yoga, different methods of meditation including walking and dancing, Nidra, reiki healing, crystal sound bowl healing, astrology reading, kirtan (an AMAZING experience with the community singing and chanting). Orion always changes their schedule every week with around 5 different classes happening per day to choose from to suit what your body and mind needs that day. Even special pop up donation workshops will come up like authentic relationships or writing as a form of healing. All around, Orion was able to provide me with such a grand experience more then I could ever expect. My time in Koh Phangan is truly one I unexpectable came across and one that I’ll never forget. And I’m saying it with my heart guys, definitely come to Orion healing if your dropping through Phangan, you won’t regret it!

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Mentally, I felt extremely charged and happy with my journey in life. ACCEPTING WHAT IS, and to be in the present moment was something I have always been struggling with my entire life even till this day, and it will always be a constant battle that I’m striving to grow and improve from. I learned that in life, there will always be black in order to have light, that our struggles and discomforts are inevitable in life yet when we choose to be accepting of them, that’s where the beauty happens. That’s when you free yourself from the negativity and pain.
I have still a lot of growing to do in my personal journey but I’m grateful that Orion Healing has provided me with the space and tools to bring realization and clarity in my thoughts and being. We all need a refresher and reminder sometimes because naturally, we are all happy human beings!

Hope you enjoyed this review with Orion Healing Centre. Please send me a message if you wanted to hear more about my experience at Orion and how it has helped me lead a more purposeful life. Especially if you are new to retreats and don’t know what to expect, I’m more than happy to provide more details on my personal journey as it’s way more then what a blog post came cover 🙂

From my heart to yours!