Travelling to Bangkok soon and not knowing what you should do to get the most out of your trip in this massive lively city? So many choices, destinations, spots, food options, restaurants and experiences can get extremely overwhelming and taking away from your time to get out and live your life. Sometimes, the hardest decision is choosing so I wanted to make your life a tad bit easier. Read below on my top 10 recommendations for any traveller looking to experience Bangkok at it’s best from my own personal experience I had the pleasure of enjoying in this beautiful city. Note that although I tagged a traveller type for each recommended experience, you can be each and every one of them too!!! Because I know I’m ALL of them. Alright, let’s get started…

1. PAÑPURI Organic Spa
For the Lifestyle Traveler

To Open & Start your Journey in Bangkok, I would highly recommend PAÑPURI Organic Spa to anyone looking to ease their way into or out of their travels. It can be extremely stressful entering into a new country, I know the feeling of travel stress at its peak! PAÑPURI Organic Spa is located in central Bangkok with a beautiful open space with a calming and peaceful environment to #EmpowerYourWellnessJourney. Bring out your journal or agenda to plan relaxingly to the soft soothing music with the wide spacious view of the centre of Bangkok’s bustling city at its finest.

I’ve had a super stressful time a couple days before heading to PAÑPURI Organic Spa, so I was so excited to relax, detoxify, reset before buckling down to travel to Koh Phangan my next stop. I spend a full day at their retreat yet I still didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. My recommendation would be the PAÑPURI Signature wellness package mind and body revitalizing retreat including private Onsen experience, some juices and snacks from their Organic Wellness bar, and ending off your time with a 60-min Hatha Yoga at their Wellness Studio. This whole experience had me feeling completely refreshed and empowered to easing your mind, body, & soul to the transition of what’s to come next. A full external and internal healing experience as a small getaway in the city. Overall I can say that this has got to be one of the most luxurious spa treatments I’ve ever experienced and love the fact that they are organic from tip to tail. The linens, to the slippers you wear on entrance, the fruits in their juice, their signature skincare line are ALL organic and of the highest quality.

2.Napasorn Cafe
For the Instagramer

A hidden iconic gem of a cafe introduced to me by a local friend. This floral cafe is Instagram heaven for the travellers looking to snap some beautiful photos at this 4 levelled antique shop. With delicious coffees, iced teas, and desserts to choose from to enjoy a couple of beverages and snacks with friends while exploring the artistically curated levels on each floor. I would have never came across this cafe if it weren’t for my local Thai friend, so let’s try to keep the hidden treasure of a cafe a secret spot between us! 😉

3. UnionSPACE
For The Digital Nomad

me looking extra happy receiving my blog shipment to UnionSPACE

If you’re a digital nomad, entrepreneur, freelancer, YouTuber, photographers, startups teams, and pretty much any type of traveller looking for a clean, open, space with ALL the utilities you’ll need to get your ideas flowing, and your dreams rolling. UnionSPACE is a co-living co-working place with 4 levels heaven for a digital nomad. It has everything you’ll need ranging from superspeed Wifi, safe parcel and packaging receiving, private and public desks to do work, private meeting rooms for video conferences or skype meetings with clients, a fully equipped photography room with a backdrop and professional camera equipment. I would highly recommend this space to anyone looking for a place to work productively while travelling.

If you are looking to co-live at UnionSpace, their top floor has a lounge and cozy bed capsules to live in. Great way to network and meet other people while sharing a similar journey in the nomad world. There’s only a limited amount of capsules for co-living, meaning you have more privacy and room to live comfortably!

4. S L A Bar & Bed
For the Local Style Traveler

This is a self-admitted personal recommendation from me as it is my Thai friend’s family ran S L A bar & bed.Owned by Slalee whom I met while travelling in Bali last year & within the year she has started and run S L A. This place is created by hand from locals on providing a truly memorable experience in Thailand with home cooked breky to morning coffees and a couple drinks whenever you feel like it! Slalee wanted to create a place for travellers to feel at home, and seeing them have a great time in her hometown Bangkok makes her heart warm and happy! She’ll even take you out and show you around any time. There are 7 beautiful rooms available with the interior designed by hand from Slalee herself, for a place you can call home in Thailand. P.S it’s near Khao San road walking distance!

5. Supanigga Cruise
For the Foodies

The most magical by night experience in Bangkok goes to the Supanniga Cruise. Not only was this the top searched experience ranked on Google, it was also recommended to me by locals. Have a luxury experience boarding the cruise welcomed with a glass of Taittinger Champagne followed by a 6 Course Thai Traditional Menu Selected by Supaniga Eating Room and complimentary drinking water. All happening near sunset to enjoy the views of Bangkok City by water. It’s a completely different view and perspective being able to see the historical & cultural sites privately in peace at your own pace. With personal time for chats and connections on a peaceful cruise in Bangkok, while enjoying the culture and pleasures this city has to offer. By the end of the cruise at night, you can head down to the front deck to snap some photos with your company for memories of a lifetime shared together by Spanigga Cruise. It was one of my favourite memories of Bangkok.

6. Fabric Market
For the Crafty Travelers

My friend Slalee, mentioned in number 4, is a local Thai Fashion Stylist so she brought me along with her to a Fabric Market located in Phra Nakhon District to help choose some fabrics for her photo shoot with a magazine the next day. I was so happy to tag along with her team and fully emerge in a new world of fabric…EVERYWHERE!!! All the colours, textures, and patterns were so inspiring to see, making it a perfect experience and place to visit if you’re looking to source local fabrics for any project you’re itching for a special memory in Bangkok. Hand creators looking to make clothing, notebook covers, pillowcases, or even just to have a piece of fabric you could use as home decor hand picked by you in Bangkok, this is the place to be!

For the Fitness Travelers

If you’re looking to get a sweat in while travelling in Bangkok, try out TRIBE BBK. They host high energy cycle classes and can definitely help you get in a wholesome work out from head to toe while in Bangkok. With its pay-as-you-go trendy studio, it’s high-intensity workouts driven with bumping music to get your heart pumping makes you feel energized internally. Personally, for myself, I always love to keep active and fit while I’m travelling abroad. It’s important to take care of your body and put in a little time to exercise if you so wish while you’re in Thailand. And, you’ll feel SO much better after a TRIBE BBK class from the inside and out with their cycle classes or their Barre or Yoga class.

8. Thamna Hometuarant
For Vegetarian Travelers

This is also a local recommendation from my Thai friend which is her all-time favourite vegetarian restaurant in Khao San. This cute restaurant might be missed from the outside, but the food is full of savoury flavours, healthiness, and fullness worth a visit when you’re in Bangkok! Big portions and a variety of unique vegetarian items on their menu. We had their tofu salad with an amazing creamy sauce and fried Shitake mushrooms with house-made special dipping sauce. A great place for brunch or lunch, and cosy small private space, not too crowded for chillness.

9. Khao San Road
For the Nightlife Travelers

Every city in the world has their own unique nightlife traditions, experiences, and vibes…and this place is the way to fully experience Bangkok’s Nightlife. Khao San Road is a MUST see destination in Bangkok. Even if you’re over the whole partying scene, it’s still a lively place to walk around in and see the chaos happening in the walkway stripes. With blaring music, fire flamers, dancers, street food, and clothing stalls, theirs lots happening to keep you entertained!

10. The Common
For Casual Travelers

The Common is tucked away in the outskirts of the central city and not necessarily your typical shopping mall centre. It’s a very cool place, community-driven with workshops and ongoing initiatives to bring people together, with a couple of floors of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, lifestyle shops. All unique vendors that you wouldn’t find in the city centre, more so artisan-style products. This area/ mall is smack in the middle between the luxury travellers which you would find in central Bangkok with the high rise buildings and Gucci shops and the backpackers in Khao San.