Heya everybody! How are you going?

I know… I haven’t written in quite sometime after being in Byron. It’s been a rollercoaster ride doing this move to Aussie! I have actually been writing quite a lot lately, with other projects in my crazzzzzzy crazy life that I, unfortunately, had to put some Carrie Project blog posts on the back burner. BUT on the sunny side, I’m back at it with a home decor post for today and god dam it feels good to write on here again.

So to jump into this post, first off, it’s been really exciting for me to have my own room that is twice the size of the one back at home in my parents place (tho I do love that baby room to bits #bless) which makes me all the more grateful to have so much space to decorate and craft together my room goals that I always visualized for the day I moved out. You know, the pixie lights, the hanging polaroid photos, the cute fluffy pillows, cozy warm blankie, and ya I even got a Pug brought back from my Hong Kong trip lololol… you know ALL THAT cutie stuff!!

Ever since moving to Byron, I’ve been curating some bohemian home decor staples in my room and it’s FINALLY looking put together… and it really came down to upgrading my bed essentials! After putting together all the cute little pieces and details in my room, the cherry on top was from my Bambusa Bamboo Summer Quilt (yep, made from 100% Bamboo from filling to cover) in Latte from YoHome. UGHHHHH it’s perfect guys.

The Feel and Comfort
My room is like a sanctuary for me that I cherish my sleep a lot. Which is why pillows and blankets are like my must-have essentials in life. You know, the first thing I did when the quilt arrived? I took a straight up nap on the quilt with puggy by accident LOL I’m being serious too no joke. I’m in love with this soft bamboo quilt you can see and feel how high quality it is and bonus, it’s anti-bacterial and extra-absorbent. It’s also lightweight but adds that like heaviness you want on top of your body when you sleep you know?

With the crazy ass weather here in Byron #tropicallife, we get days where it’s just chilly and rainy out of nowhere then days with beaming heat and sunshine. So during the chillier nights, I would top the bamboo quilt with a thin comforter. I can say, I’ve been getting some amazing sleep with my bamboo quilt, puggy by my side, and my Aloe Aloeha providing me with some fresh O2 when I’m dozzing!

The Colour Palette

The colour palette I went for with my room is that warm, orange-y, latte, oatmeal, sunset coloured vibe which I think the Latte quilt really set that tone out for me. I paired it with some classic white pillows, a beautiful boho detailed floral patterned pillow, and just some hints of blue to remind me of the ocean! At night when I turn on the pixie lights in my room, it just illuminates all the colours, seriously so pretty morning and night.Your bed is like the centre masterpiece of your room so I find that once you’ve crafted your bed details to your liking, it just instantly gives your room a new do!

If you’re interested in checking out Yo Home, I’ll attach a link to their website. They carry some seriously high-quality begging and cute homeware to bring your room goals to life! Fun Fact: YoHome also has the sweetest team behind their product. I dunno about you, but when you’re buying a product from a company, it just feels a million times better when you know you’re investing in a company that is actually so positive and doing good. Anyways that’s my 2 cents.

Have a Good Day…and Night 🙂