Moving to Australia for the year, the number one skincare product that I use every single day is sunscreen. I mean I’m sure you’re all aware that Australia is like the number one country with the highest skin cancer rates due to the geographical location plus the scorching climate!

I’ve been a sunscreen fanatic for a couple years now (yes, even living in the Canadian winters) I use sunscreen everyday.

There’s a lot of misconceptions around sunscreen and I feel like the importance of the product seems to be missing in media. We presume that sunscreen should be used in the summer to prevent sunburn, which yes is a function of sunscreen to prevent you from burning like a lobster, but it’s actually what’s going to be keeping your skin looking like your 20 when your 50 too!!

Reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging are caused by the sunrays. So when you’re investing so much money on products to prevent aging, maybe the only thing you’re really missing is sunscreen.

So now you see the vital skincare product you need in your beauty routine to ring in the new year of 2018, the big question is WHICH sunscreen should you be using. The solution to this question isn’t to just go into your grocery store and picking up whatever is displayed on the shelf available to purchase because they’re all the same and safe to use right? *ERRRRRRR* wrong!

Ok let me break it down from my sunscreen knowledge: There are two types of sunscreens. Number 1, chemical sunscreens also the most common kind on the market that absorbs the UVA/UVB rays and Number 2, physical sunscreens (mineral) that sits on top of your skin to reflect the UVA/UVB rays. A common and dangerous ingredient that you will find in chemical sunscreen is avobenzone and oxybenzone which studies have found to seep into your bloodstream causing health defects. Not to freak you out or anything but yeah, it’s pretty scary what the products were using are doing to our bodies in the long run.

Using a physical sunscreen typically formulated with zinc oxide is a key ingredient you want to look out in your sunscreen selection. You may find that zinc is harder to rub onto your skin but honestly, it isn’t a drastic difference in terms of how it feels on your skin compared to a chemical sunscreen which is applied easier. Thinking about it, I much rather take a few more seconds then to spread toxic on my skin!

Moving to Byron Bay, I was on the sunscreen hunt especially if I’m at the beach all day every day! I came across this local brand called A Bit Hippie which carries two types of physical sunscreen formulated with zinc oxide. One applies on clear and the other is tinted.

Personally, I like using a tinted sunscreen on my face which acts sort of like a BB cream without it actually feeling like I’m wearing anything and the clear sunscreen on my body. The formula of A Bit Hippie’s sunscreen is a bit thick compared to a chemical sunscreen which you maybe use to if you haven’t been introduced to a physical sunscreen but it’s a powerhouse of a product that I happily use every day! One bottle was able to last me a solid month used every single day through road trip adventures, beach chills, and surf sessions.

[caption: wild hippie being a bit hippie in a bit hippie]

I haven’t had one single sunburn from being at the beach all day while using A Bit Hippie’s sunscreen on my face and body which is crucial in determining the effectiveness of your sunscreen. If you burn after using a sunscreen, there may be tricky fillers in the formula which doesn’t match up to it’s SPF protection claims.

I would definitely urge you to do your research on sunscreen and ingredients in general in the skincare products you use every day. It’s great to be aware of what’s going on your body and really just being conscious. My skincare resolution for this year is to be consistent with my sunscreen application especially being here in Aussie for a year and to be more knowledgeable and mindful of what my body needs to live the best life with the best face forward 🙂 What are your skincare resolutions?

If your interested in checking our A Bit Hippie’s website, I’ll add a link to their sunscreens here.