In Byron Bay, the summer days are longer, the temperature is gradually rising, the sunsets feel brighter and the midnight breeze feel’s fresher… summer is here. My go-to article of clothing I would pick up if I had 0.2 seconds to decide is a dress. Why? Because when the Australian sun rays are beaming down on you, you pretty much want to feel as airy and free as possible. Summer dresses allow me to move around comfortably in the heat and they are so easy to take on and off for surfing! Oh yeah, and I also hate wearing pants.

I’m so excited to share a super exciting collaboration I did with Tobi ! I feel like you guys will probably know what Tobi is because it’s pretty big internationally, but for those of you that don’t, I’ll just do a quick summary.

I’ve heard of Tobi for quite a while and I remember ordering some tops from them when they first started off which was a couple years ago. I definitely feel like they have upgraded their quality of clothing and they have a way better selection of choices as well compared to back then so I’m excited to be sharing this post. I picked out 3 Dresses that caught my eye, obviously, all with a gypsey soul boho feel! I was so surprised with how fast shipping and that the dresses looked exactly like what the photos on their website showed.

Here is how I styled the Dreamer Olive Long Sleeve Dress, Sadie Champagne Satin Strappy Swing Dress, Jamee Mauve Maxi Dress. All of are exclusively under Tobi’s brand.

Sadie Champagne Satin Strappy Swing Dress

The most effortlessly natural and sophisticated beach napping dress you could ever own in your closet. This is definitely one of my favorites with its beautiful sheen champagne pink color that matches with the sunset, it’s elegant detailing on the dress with crisp vertical folds creating a flowy illusion when the sea breeze picks up at the hems, and lastly its maximum comfort. I can beach, sleep, and eat… practically live in this dress.

Paired with Shanty Corp Stripe Kimono. Shop This Dress Here.

The Dreamer Olive Long Sleeve Dress

I love this throw over long sleeve dress for cozy tropical days when the weather is indecisive. It can be a simple dress for the beach or even easily put together nicely for work! The flowy sleeves have a loose fit to dance and prance around in with a elegant cute detailing with its collars and subtle v-neck.

Paired with a Cow Boy Hat. Shop This Dress Here.

Jamee Mauve Maxi Dress

A maxi dress to match with her full moon gypsey soul. This dress has a beautiful deep mauve color, tied up low back details, and long enough to be carried through the beach sand feel magical like your in a movie. I would definitely wear this dress for a summer night party to lounge around in to feel cheeky and glam, fun and classy.

Paird With Sunny Life Speakers. Shop This Dress Here.