Hey guys, so I got asked a question from someone today online for advice I could give to people looking to find work abroad. I’m truly honoured to be receiving questions from people asking for advice because honestly, I’m just like a crazy dingo travelling around the world not really going by the books and rules. But it really does inspire me to know that I’m someone that you can come to for resources, advice, and stuff. It’s like we’re real close virtual friends you know? 🙂

And I am always willing to share my advice (it might not be for everyone) but I’m happy to share! So a question I’m getting a lot pretty much revolves around “how do you get a job while travelling the world and having enough money to sustain?”

It’s a tuffy eh! It really is and it’s not easy. I know that what social media presents itself these days (and even perhaps you get that vibe from my account) that I’m just leisurely travelling the world like easy peezy, stroll through the park. Well, big reality check, it’s not.

But if you work hard, and you truly want to travel abroad, you want to land yourself that job, you want to live in another country, and you want to experience something new, then keep reading.

Before I jump into my tips and advice for you, just know that I’m not like a professional consultant on travelling abroad or anything, I’m just a regular person that has “travel and work abroad” on my bucket list since leaving High School, so I did it. And so can you.

Tips and Tricks 101

1. Choose your Destiny for Your Year(s)
I know a lot of people say “go where the money is at”, but actually I would advise you to choose solely based on where you would want to travel to for the year(s).

Your destination is your foundation. The last thing you want to do is to live in a place that you don’t fully enjoy just because you have a job there. It under defines the purpose of travel and work.

Find a place that speaks to your soul. That grabs your attention. A place you’re curious about, somewhere you have a gut feeling you’d want to spend a lot of time in to learn and grow. It’s truly is hard to choose a place because there are SO many beautiful countries to choose from, but deep down, the choice sometimes is right in front of you. Subconsciously there is a place deep down that you gravitate towards. Follow that intuition and flow, don’t overthink it!! Once you find a destination that you are pumped to go explore and work in, the job hunting rolls in next to support your decision.

2. Files + Banks + All That Fun Stuff

Each country has it’s own restrictions to obtain a work and holiday visa so do your research and apply for your country of choice. From my own experience (I’m a Canadain working in Australia ATM), it’s not an overcomplicated process as it seems.

Once you land in your designated country, open a bank account and apply for your tax files as your future employer will need this information. There’s a lot of resources that will help you out via Google!

3. Work, Werk, Work, Werk, Work For It

Alright so, I guess here comes the tricky part. Finding a job. Here are my tips for you:

Be Persistent
Do your research and start emailing employer’s your resume and on your interest in the position. I know it can be a pain to do this relentlessly but let’s face it. It’s competitive nowadays to find a job and you really got to push for it.

Be Passionate

Show that you care about what you’re applying for. Share a bit on how this company or brand resonates with you and why you are passionate about supporting this company’s mission.

Be Aggressive, Be Be Aggressive!

> Show that you want it more than anyone else that is applying.
> Enhancing your skills and experience when “selling” yourself! Share what you’ve achieved in the other jobs you’ve taken on.
> Make every opportunity count.

Take on every opportunity that is given to you (even if it’s not paid). The more experience and connections you make, the better it is for you career-wise. You’d be surprised at how powerful connections are in this day and age and the simple act of having someone introduce you to another person that might have the perfect job for you. Take on as many opportunities as you can without overstressing yourself!


I believe that EVERY person, in whatever industry they are working in, needs to have a portfolio. A portfolio can be anything like a website or a blog, just a place that you can virtually show all your experience and work online.

We live in a generation where the internet is how we communicate with others (a good portion of it at least) and establishing an online presence is how you are going to market yourself. The first steps in getting yourself a job nowadays aren’t the old fashion way with dropping in your resume, but it’s your virtual resume and portfolio. It’s your first impression.

What is considered a portfolio? For me, this here, my blog page Carrie Project is considered my portfolio.

5. Believe in Yourself and Your Skills.

We are definitely our biggest critics and I, too, am working and growing on this as an individual. The biggest hurdle that is holding you back from any form of greatness in life, whether it be to travel to an extremely different country, to getting your dream job, or to do anything your heart desires to do in life like teaching a yoga class or jumping out of an airplane with a unicorn balloon. You can do it, and it all starts with your own mind.

I have seen so many people fail right at the start, not even getting their toes in the dirt yet, and already have a mindset that they are not able to achieve what they are chasing. That is the first step in failure. To share a bit of my story for instance – I’m currently in Byron Bay and I’ve had multiple people tell me that I wouldn’t be able to find work here, that they’re surprised that I’m able to sustain living in a small surf town with very few jobs and pool of highly competitive people chasing after the same job. I’ve had people tell me I’m living the dream here in Byron, and I am because I worked hard for it.

So believe in yourself, because that’s what you got to work with.

These steps are honestly just sort of a guideline on what I found useful for my situation, and if it helps you out, great! I’ve done my job in putting purpose in this blog post. 🙂

I truly hope this helped you out, and just know that working abroad isn’t as complicated and surreal as it seems. You can do it.

If you have any questions for me guys, just send me a message on my Instagram account @carrieprject, my Facebook Page Carrie Project, or hit me up on my email inquiries@carrieprojet.com