You know when you travel to a place and you want to send back a special souvenir gift of some sort but have no idea what to send back? That’s exactly how I felt while I’m here in Byron Bay so I decided to make bracelets to send back to my friends and family. It’s personalized and special because you crafted it yourself! It’s also local because you made it with local supplies.

Christmas is coming up soon as well so it works perfectly as an x-mas gift idea for anyone having the same present hunting struggles like I do. Honestly, I feel the most confident about giving a gift to someone that is personally made by me. I get wayyyyyyy too stressed out when I’m shopping for gifts (or maybe it’s my anxiety kicking in or something lol)!

Anyways, learn how I make these sophisticated bracelets by hand and cute ideas on how to package them to send off 🙂

What You’ll Need:
> hook clasp
> 15cm string
> a ring hoop
> two clasps
> your chosen jewelry pieces for the bracelet


1) Starting with your string, cut the piece for around 15cm. I tested this out but I found that 15cm worked as a good medium for me but obviously you can get the percise measurements by getting your friend or whoever you are gifting it to to measure it out themselves before you make the bracelet.

2) At one end of the string, thread through your clasp and your ring hoop. Loop the end of the string into the clasp. You will have two pieces of string inside the opening clasp. Next you will add a bit of super glue to the strings to stick the strings inside the clasp. This is to ensure that everything is secure. Use a toothpick to push down the glue and string into the clasp and let it dry for about 30 seconds.

3) Next, place the clasp into a piece of thin cardboard (folded in half) and tucking the clasp into the end of the cardboard (see photo). Using this cardboard piece helps to protect your clasp when you are bending it to close so that no marks are transfered, keeping your clasp nice and shiny 🙂

Using plyers horizontally right above the edge of the clasp, put pressure to bend it to close. Your end result will like as so (see photo)

4) Next loop in your jewelry beads of choice. I used a beautiful gold plate with a mini colourful jewel at the centre.

5) The last step is the close the last end of your bracelet. Thread in your clasp first, then your hook, and lastly an end bead if you want (I used a special Byron bay bead). Follow steps number 2 and do the same method to close the clasp.

And there you have it! Simple to do DIY gift. I decided to wrap these bracelets in Japanese printed seashell wrapping paper which I just cut out into rectangles and folded them up to make tiny pouches. Also used a funky “Fucking Brillant” stamp for the bracelet tag.

This is great to do if your backpacking or traveling and come across a local jewelry store to source from to send back to friends and fam. Or just to make back at home for a special present made from the heart!