COME ONE COME ALL!! My Bali Fashion Travel is finally here and I have some exquisite tropical photography to show you, some cute ass brands to share, and some boho styles I have been obsessed with to represent. All condensed into some exhilarating photography to show favourite fashion trends, brands, and styles I wore in Bali and why I would recommend bringing these essential pieces with you on your next vacay.

Get ready to have your face blasted with Boho Fashion WOOHOO!!!!!!

[from left to right]
> Botanical Stripes; Navy blue and white stripes overlayed with floral print. Worn with denim jean shorts.
> Cactus, Cactus, and more Cactus: Printed floating cactuses on a white off the shoulder top. Bathing suit underneath.
> Classic Modern Girly: Chic white off the shoulder with floral embellishments paired with suede black skirt.

OFF THE SHOULDER TOPS: My current tropical fashion obsession in Bali. For one, it is hella comfy and it only makes things better that they make every outfit look hella cute. Especially with travelling, it is *crucial to find tops that 1) can be paired with bottoms easier 2) comfy to roam around and be a jungle kid in 3) can transition to daytime to night time.

[from left to right]
> Around The Waist: Wrap this Mexicano Pink Sarong around your waist. Perfect for the beach or everyday wear in tropical heated destinations like Bali.
> Around The Waist (traditionally): Opaque baby pink Sarong worn visiting the temples in Bali. Wrapped around in a Balinese way.
> Throw Over: Use as a towel to sit on to watch or simply over your shoulders when you’re watching the sunset in Bali. Temperature instantly drops to a chilly breeze after the sunsets.

SARONGS DO EVERYTHING: I bring a sarong with me everywhere I travel to because they can be used for pretty much everything. They do their job + multiple other things like transforming into a towel, beach cover-up, blanket, and more. In Bali, it is used as a traditional piece of clothing for women to wear, especially when you are visiting temples.

Bohemia Fashion Brands I travel with in Bali…

Poeme Clothing: Ethically designed in my home country Canada, I’m wearing a beautiful ocean blue tie-dye dress paired with my favourite Kimono.

Company Moto > “Women who dream of sunrise surf sessions, go barefoot in the grass and take long road trips into the unknown; they approach life with heart, body, and soul.

These women desire a style that’s free-flowing and feminine. They want quality garments that are carefully sourced and ethically crafted.”

Pretty much sums up my tropical life! Check out some of their other stunning clothing pieces for your next vacay here.

Band of Gypsies: Online shop based in L.A dedicated to the modern day Gypsey soul daydreamer. I’m wearing a sophisticated shell printed navy blue dress with tassle details. Thrown on for an instant done up yet effortless look.

Company Moto: “While the line is eclectic by nature,
Band of Gypsies always retains a feminine feel. Beautiful prints, romantic styling, and inspired
silhouettes are the cornerstone of our collections. Come be inspired, join our tribe.
Not all who wander are lost.”

A low-key boutique that carries gems for your wardrobe for the Bohemia girl. Shop their collection online here.

(I got mine from Jala Clothing)


[from left to right]
> Beach Blouse: Throw over your kini when you get chilly.
> *My Fav Huf Hoodie*: This is my all-time favourite hoodie in the whole wide world. Its like when your a kid and you have your favourite teddy bear that you would never give up on, that is how I feel about this hoodie. Why bring a Hoodie to a tropical island? Because the weather is wack.
Fun Story: I discovered this Hoodie from one of my guy friends Andrew that lend me this sweater and didn’t let me keep it cuz I not his girlfriend or anything LOL… SO I GOT MYSELF MY OWN LMAO. I love it. And now me and my friend Andrew can be twinning from across the world hehe.
> Ellemairco Floral Red Kimono: Seriously can’t stress enough how a lightweight kimono is so important in your vacay luggage.