Imagine… a mermaid, with green lips, sitting in a slightly dim lighted room. Goes to the ocean with an empty strawberry jam jar to collect sea salt water for her hair.

Setting: A rainy Saturday in Byron Bay

Introduction: How Did I Get Here?

I booked my one-way ticket flight to Australia and decided to stop in Hong Kong to visit some family for a week then off to Bali for a month to squeeze in a little backpack adventure before heading off to Australia for the year.

I was in Seminyak. One of the busier locations in Bali. Packed with tourists, a decent beach, a nightlife I didn’t have much interest in, and a special Warung (* a Warung in Balinese means a small restaurant), that changed my life. Walking on the main street, I turned into the wrong ally yet again to find myself on the opposite end of where I’m supposed to be, thinking where the heck is my bloody hotel?? With a need for a short break and an empty stomach, I just happen to have come across this little sketchy looking restaurant. It consisted of two plastic lawn chairs out at the front, a roughed up looking lady with an injured gruesome leg using both those chairs (a later learned she got into a motorcycle accident) + a plate of her chicken bones, not the most appealing open kitchen with a man cooking food, a few fly’s adding to its borderline crusty ambiance, and a sign that said “Gado-Gado 200.000IDR”. I’m sold!

Taking a seat by the injured lady, a white old man by the name of Geoff took my order as I sat to wait for my Balinese home cook street food. I thought it was quite weird to see a grandpa working in this Warung, yet alone a Warung at all in Bali but I didn’t question it – life is weird anyways. As I got my meal, Geoff asked me,

G: “So where abouts are you headed to next?”

Note: I didn’t have any of my plans sorted out for Australia. I only knew I was flying into Perth and that was it.

C: (action; thinking about the only place that came to my mind) “Byron Bay” I said.

G: “Byron Bay??? Well, I live in Byron Bay! If you stop by, you can come visit me if you wish. (action; hands over a slip of paper with an email and address)

I toke my 200.000IDR Gado Gado in my right hand, tucked the paper into my pocket, and left without having much thought about it. Little did I know destiny had a surprise for me. Who would have thought, that I would be here in Byron Bay with grandpa Geoff as my roommate?

Chapter 1: It Doesn’t Feel like A Dream… Unless Your Living Your Dream

A month quickly passed in Byron Bay. And what did my routine consist of?
Settling into my new beach home and finally living in a room bigger then the one I had in my parents house (still grateful for that baby room tho), throwing myself out there to land a part-time Organic Food Marketing job, bike rides to The Farm, meeting friends as one time only friends (not my cup of tea), Thursday pancakes and chai community events, becoming an expert on Uganda’s 1960’s revolution history with Amin, living and learning from a 80-year-old hilarious curry master old man Geoff, weekly beach visits and farmers markets, and pondering a lot. A lot about my purpose, what I wish to contribute to, and what I sought to do with my time living “the dream” in this beach town called Byron Bay.

New Things I’ve Discovered:
1) 72g of Stagetti per person is precisely the perfect amount (years of trial and error from Grandpa Geoff).
2) I’ve actually been listening to the ocean waves from my room before I slept every night, it wasn’t just my thoughts.
3) Mindy Project also airs in Australia.

Chapter 2: A Lot of Questions and Open Ended Answers.

Why am I spending time on this?
What am I contributing to?
What is the purpose of me doing this?
Does this make me happy?
Is this what I want?
Who am I?
…Some deep ass shit right? haha!!!

A lot of questions and open-ended answers.

While in Byron Bay, I lost excitement. I lost inspiration. And I lost motivation. I felt like I was bored of what I was creating and I felt unaligned with my purpose of why I am contributing to this platform online. I started reading this book the other day called “Purpose” by Lisa Messenger and it gave me this freeing feeling about this whole finding your purpose and passion and your life route mumbo jumbo. It’s a lot to think about, finding what you are here to do in this world – I felt a lot of pressure this past month from it.

And what really tickled my brain in one of the chapters that pretty much said, finding your purpose should be effortless. Meaning it’s not forcing it to become your purpose or irrationally claiming this is your purpose for the sake of having a purpose. It is something that you will find naturally because it is part of who you are. And realize that everything you are doing today has brought you to this stage where you are in your life (yes, give yourself some dam credit!!) – en route to discovering your purpose.

Why I do what I do? Why do I spend SO much time on carrieproject is because it is my life project. It’s like an open diary of my life, there might be missing pages (my late entries), there might be water stains on it (half completed or half asked blog posts), but what it contains as a whole is my life – my totally imperfect life that allows me to share what I feel, my creations and inspirations, and my thoughts to the world.

I’m still on my way to discovering my full purpose while in Byron Bay. It is known from locals in Byron Bay that this beach town is a very spiritual place. Back in the day, the aboriginals would come here to heal spiritually. It is also known as a place to change your life. You either come to heal temporarily then leave once you are ready, or you are destined to stay here… forever.

Let’s see where I’ll be in the next year xx