You’re thinking of going to Bali and literally have no idea where to stay let alone which area to go to – I know,… I know… the struggle is real when your hardest decision in Bali is probably where to book your stay which is a crucial part on any vacation planning.

To make your life a million times easier, I put together a Accommodation Guide on the Best 9 Places to Stay in Bali and in which area you can find them at. From the classic tourist locations to the non tourist locations in the outskirts, to beach fronts and fruity breakfasts in bed, to sunrises to sunsets, to north east south west and even the central, to the most Instagram worthy accommodations on the island, I got it all covered below. I personally experienced each and every one of these hotels, villas, resorts, and hostels that are mentioned in this guide so you know exactly what you are getting from your stay, what it looks like in my point of view, and lastly the special vibes at each place to go with your special vacation in Bali!

Note: This is not ordered from best to last. It is ordered from my trip itinerary; where I stayed first to where I ended on my trip.

1. Rhadana Kuta Hotel
Location: Kuta

The rooms in Rhadana are absolutely incredible. By incredible I mean creative ideas (every room with a different theme), unique with details down to the nitty gritty, and the ambiance of the whole stay is just… how do I say it, memorable.. special.

Here at Rhadana Kuta Bali the rooms are decorated in a way that is antique with a modern twist. Classy yet quirky – I loved it.You have to see these rooms for yourself, they will make your creative brain juices flowing. For example: the room I stayed in was a Helicopter themed room. So everything in the room was printed with Helicopters. Helicopter wall paper, helicopter pillow cases, Helicopter toys on a canvas, Helicopter photos. All paired with elegant prints and designs to go with the theme. To give you other examples of the different themes of the other rooms are: Beatles themed (for all your Beatles lovers), a hippie van university themed room (who even thinks of that and what a genius), a train themed room that feels 3D, and more.

Overall I think that this Rhadana Kuta Bali is honestly the definition of pure relaxation. With a home like feeling while your away on vacation in the beautiful island of Bali. Highly HIGHLY recommend this hotel to anyone that is looking to book a stay in Bali, you really need to experience this place for yourself!

2. Mondo Surf Village – Surf Yoga Retreat Bali
Location: Canggu

Mondo Surf Village is located just about a 5 min scooter ride away from the main streets of Canggu. As a yoga and surf village that gives you the peace and quiet because of its remote distance away from the bustling town of Canggu, yet the access to easily reach town for dinner or a night out, this is only the start as to why mondo is a great choice for travelers looking for a unique stay. To start off – anyone fancy a delicious smoothie bowl start their morning? Sign me up!

Mondo serves a selection of heathy and beautifully crafted breakfast, complimentary to your stay, that will have you eager to wake up in the mornings for a yummy meal! If that doesn’t encourage you enough, they have morning yoga classes at 7:15am with a trained instructor to guide you through your practice in preparation for your surf in the early afternoons.The Mondo surf boys will come pick you up a private mini van to bring you to waves! Every morning you’ll get a surprise on where your headed to because it all depends on mother nature! The boys will bring the crew to where the waves are ideal for surfing and wherever you’ll end up going around the island, a fun road trip there is guaranteed with these hilarious boys. Wind down your day after surf with a slow vinyasa flow- it can’t get any better.

Mondo Accommodation is minimalistic designed with wood and white. Clean and modern with a luxury feel. Other facilities include a beautiful pool, hammocks situated across the villa, food services for lunch and dinner available, Photography/Mu Thai/ Brazilian Ju Jitsu classes available, and scooter rentals for free! What you’ll love most about Mondo is their healthy set scehduale to always keep you on your feet doing something each day or you can always just take a day off and do nothing and relax! The staff are amazing with real connections you’ll make during your stay. Oh how the time just flys by at Mondo…

3. Waka Resort & Hotel
Location: Gangga

Located in the outskirts away from the tourist locations it’s bound to make for a spot for pure relaxation doesn’t it? Waka Resort Gangga is a stunning resort with its beach front of a colourful black sand beach. With only 21 villas, each personally created and styled by the owner and archetict himself, you’ll feel like you’ve entered into a new world in Waka. The rooms are decorated with precise Aztec arts infused with wooden textiles. With classic white linen coating it’s bed and its beautiful bathroom, this place really knows how to make your home fantasies come true. Candle lit for hot baths, fruit plates, and a good book – a girl can’t complain!

A tailored experience at their roof top restaurant is included in your stay, starting off with a Balianese afternoon tea overlooking Gangga beach from a birds eye view. Enjoy the magical sceanry over some hot tea and exquisite desserts on a table or their cozy rounded sitting area and snuggle up with a blanket while sipling on your warm tea. Gangga beach is only a few steps away before you have your toes digging in the lush black sand and the soft wind blowing through your hair, the life of the Indian ocean consuming your vision washing away your bottled thoughts.

Speciality: Waka gives you an experience like no other, allowing you to connect with nature in a luxurious way

4. Kunja Villa Hotel and Spa
Location: Seminyak

Kunja Villa Hotel, or what I’d like to call the paradise villa. Located in the busy seminyak, it’s a private villa putting high class and luxury to another level. With only an exclusive amount of villas available, your home away from home includes a private pool, spacious lounge, personailize kitchen with cooking utilities and a private chef for complimentary breakfast in the morning, a huge room centered with a master piece of a bed and The bathroom – oh the bathroom, is like making a girls dream come true. Every angle in Kunja villas is like a photo you see on Instagram brought out to real life presented infront of your eyes – only your living it. All I can say is lads, if you want to make your girl happy in Bali, bring her to Kunja Villa haha!

With an incredible transport system included in your stay, you’ll be able to have a private driver puck up and drop you off at any location around their area if your going to foe dinner, going shopping, it’s all daily done so with just a simply msg on what’s app on where u ate and where to pick u up or drop u off

5. Bali Ginger Suites & Villa
Location: Seminyak

A small hotel in Seminyak about a 10 minute walk away from the beach that really keeps it simple the best way possible. With a bed, a private outdoor shower in each suite, a fully equiped kitchen, and their signature point – a pool right at your front door steps, there’s a good reason why this place would be ideal to rent out with a group of friends. Picture you and your besties in each suite where you can all have your own rooms and then chill out, cook dinner, and grab a couple of drinks on the whole patio deck and pool – Vacay goals for real!! Bali Ginger Suites is the spot for the ones that like to keep their vacation stays uncomplicated and simple. Breakfast in bed is also available and don’t forget to grab your free Bintang when you snap a photo of your stay via social media 🙂

6. In Da Surf Hostel

Location: Canggu

Get social and surf at this cute family owned surf hostel in Canggu! It’s a great way to meet other travellers and backpackers that are here to catch some waves and meet new friends in Bali. The Hostel is located right in town on the Main Street about a 10 minute walk away from the beach and Old Mans. Surf sessions are in the early am mornings or a afternoon 2pm session with their team. They also have video recorded footage of your sessions so their surf professionals can give you tips and pointers to enable you to improve.

Two options on your stay with In Da Surf, one is the Surfers House with the dorm rooms which is what I would recommend if you wanted to socialise and meet new people! Second is their Pool Villa with it’s private room and swimming pool. Whatever you choose, just remember to choose to enjoy life and to catch some waves while your here!!

7. Bondalem Beach Club
Location: Bondalem

If you are traveling up to the North of Bali, which is a absolute MUST in my travel guide on this island, the hotels and accomodation choices narrow down as it is more of a local area unlike Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu which are more developed with tourism. Bondalem Beach Club has beautiful villas and private rooms with its beach front so close you can hear the waves before you doze off to sleep every night! Breakfast is included in your stay with a huge selection of choices to choose from and the only place in Bali you could get the best Russian pancakes with Nutella and fruit (my favourite!) Their resort has a roof top for yoga practice, snorkel gear for free rental, and a infinity pool for sunset watching.

Bondalem Beach Club is actually the place where I created my favourite memories in Bali because of the fact that they are based in a local community. I got to meet some Balianese friends that were playing guitar on the beach where we would all sing together and eat traditional food. A place I really felt like I’m traveling and learnt a lot about the culture of Bali. If you get the chance, I would highly recommend to stay at Bondalem Beach Club.

Insider Tip: Bondalem Beach is way nicer then Lovina Beach.

8. Ubad Retreat
Location: Ubud

Bali’s Most famous destination calls for many famous accommodation spots. My recommendation goes to Ubad Retreat, a family owned business is aimed at bringing back Ubud’s past with its natural amenities, organic garden, and the Jukutpaku village ambiance where everyday life is an offering towards the God, the nature, and fellow human being. Located about a 10 minute drive away from the Centre of Ubud and into a beautiful green garden essentially where Ubad Retreat sits on. Not to worry about transportation, Ubad Retreat provides shuttle services in and out of town for your convenience!

The retreat has nine rooms so it’s a quiet stay for peace and relaxation including a beautiful turquoise outdoor pool, completed with LED TV which I watched the Music Awards and MTV’s My Sweet Sixteen unashamedly haha, air conditioner, spacious bathroom with separate bathtub and shower. The family that owns this retreat truly make Ubad Retreat feel like your home away from home with their sparkling personalities and smiles!

The Oasis Lagoon
Location: Sanur

Sister company to my Rhadana Kuta Bali is The Oasis Lagoon. If you have read my full review of Rhadana Kuta here, you’ll know that I am utterly obsessed with the concept of that hotel and Oasis Lagoon doesn’t disappoint.Two very different styled hotels located on the opposite sides of the island from each other, Rhadana where the sunsets in Kuta and Oasis Lagoon where the sun rises in Sanur.

The Oasis Lagoon is sophisticated with a strong personality. The rooms are spacious, simple, and classic with the white bed textures mixed with the wood furnitures – if I were to describe it in one word; minimalistic. Open your sliding front doors and you’ll get the lagoon which is the outdoor pool infront of your private balcony. Oasis Lagoon also has a connected restaurant cafe called Cafe de’ dapoer which provides amazing food. A lot of the restaurants you eat in town really don’t match up to it. Think traditional Balianese food with a bit of a western take in terms of presentation and additional modifications but the flavours and spices are very potent in each of their dishes. I had an incredible food experience here at Oasis Lagoon in their botanical outdoor restaurant setting.

Right across to the other side of the island from Kuta is Sanur – which is known for it’s calm waters for jumping in for a nice dip and kayaking. If you are planning on heading this way (which yes you should) Oasis Lagoon has a private beach club with your own sun chairs and umbrellas to enjoy basking in the Bali sun rays.