Are you heading off to a tropical destination? Beach towns, island vibes, where places you can simply get by with living in your bikini?

Here is breakdown of some of the key products to consider bringing with you on your next trip to Southeast Asia, perhaps Hawaii, or any tropical country you have your heart set out to!

Now packing for a tropical destination is MUCH easier compared to places with colder climates like Iceland, Alaska, Canada, and more. By easier meaning your 2 sweaters won’t fill up your entire backpack! Clothing for warmer climates are much lighter giving you a lot more space to pick and choose which items to bring with you.

With that being said, although you have the luxury on the space department, there are some important items you should definitely be bringing with you on your trip to tropical places!

Here is a breakdown of some items I like to pack:
1. Coral Reef Friendly + Zinc Oxide based Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be brought on every single one of your trips as a universal skincare product but there is a key feature to your sunscreen to be aware of. Number 1, choosing a broad spectrum coverage for UVA and UVB rays so you won’t burn. Number 2, using a zinc oxide formula which is coral reef friendly! The corals in the ocean are being destroyed by bleaching from a common ingredient in sunscreen called oxybenzone and avobenzone which is killing the homes of sea creature in the oceans. Remember if you are travelling to a tropical place, always wear sunscreen to keep your skin and body protected at all times under the strong sun rays and to use a zinc oxide based sunscreen to do no harm to the oceans. I would strongly recommending loading up on this sunscreen before you depart for your trip. It’s really the only sunscreen I actually extremely trust using that I know is actually doing what it says in protecting my skin and also never gives me sun burns from the 2 years or so I’ve been using this brand!

Try: Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25, The Sunscreen Company

2. 20-30 Deet Bug

Your bug spray (+ sunscreen) will be your best friend when you’re travelling. There are a lot of diseases and break outs such as Malaria, Typhoid Fever, and more especially in tropical destinations in popular regions in South East Asia. The last thing you want happening to you is catching a deadly disease. Your best bet is to be using a 20-30 deet bug spray religiously during your trip to fend off mosquitos. Be safe and remember to always reapply your bug spray just as your applying your sunscreen. Checking the Deet score is very important on your bug spray labels as well. Aim to have a score of 20-30 (and nothing more as it won’t give you more protection as advertised)!

Try: Ultra 30 Controlled Release Insect Repellent, Sawyer

3. The Travel Bra

There is nothing more annoying than having to strap on that fanny pack in 30+ degrees in humidity and only having it slip down every 5 seconds giving you a mini heart attack in case your money dropped on the ground. You can finally say goodbye to those scary moments. There is a new way to keep your money close by and safe! Ladies, I have a new solution for you. Carry all your money, keys, hotel cards, passport and more all into your travel bra. An innovative invention that combines a wallet and bra, hands free + waist free! The travel bra allows you to store all your important items with its functionality of two drop down pockets, a side strap secret pocket for credit cards, pockets in the cups for wads of cash, and two small pockets in shoulder strap for mini items like rings and whatever sizing of items you wanted to keep safe! Made with organic cotton and bamboo to minimize odor and for maximum comfort – a bra that really doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a bra!

Try: Ultra-Light Travel Bra with pockets, The Travel Bra

4. Instyler Wet to Dry Hair Tools

If you’re at a tropical destination, chances are your hair is probably 99% wet with salty beach water – my fav!! If you’re the type of traveler that likes to bring hair tools with you, such as hair straighteners, curlers, combs, hair dryers, in your packing bag, this one’s for you! Try out Instyler’s mini travel hair blow dryer which is compact to a small size perfect for in your bags and and emits negative ions when your blog drying your hair to keep the frizz at bay! The wet to dry Instyler straightener is also a niffy hair gadget to bring that can bring your wet hair to instantly straight, wavy, or curled with its comb end bristles on one end to smooth out hair and the hot rotating barrel on the other distributing heat evening to style your hair without the damage. The must pack quick and simple hair tools!

Try: Mini Travel Dryer, MAX Wet to Dry 2 Way Rotating Iron, Instyler

5. Undies that look like Swim Bottoms

You’re out for a hike at Manoa Falls in Oahu, Hawaii and next thing you know you reach a huge water fall with a pool of fresh water bestowed below you. But wait! You forgot your bikini bottoms… To jump in or not?

You jump. It’s always a great idea to pack a couple pairs of undies that totally pass as bikini bottoms on your next tropical trip! You really never know what situation you will end up in and you obviously never want to miss out. I have multiple of times always ran into a situation where I only had on my undies under my shorts and ended up wearing them like bikini bottoms because of their style. Obviously there is no shame if you can rock any bottom (or not!) in public but if you’re like me and personally prefer something a little subtle like a little secret only you know about, this packing tip is for you! It has created multiple great memories I now have. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to have cute undies on you.

Try: Undies, Splendies


I’ve been MIA for a while now because my lap top broke when I was in Bali last month right at the start of the trip so I had to lay off on the blog post writing which was really painful guys. But got it fixed and the future is looking good so yeah be expecting more blog posts on the way now haha!!

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