If you’ve seen my Instagram posts on Switzerland, you’ll know I’m utterly obsessed with this country. It took me by total surprise. Before booking my rail pass to Europe I was debating if I was going to stick to France-Italy-Spain but changed it last minute to throw in Switzerland on the way cause why the hell not right?! And it actually turned out to be the best decision because it was actually the country that left the biggest impression on me. It could of been because I wasn’t expecting myself to like this place, reason being was that I hate the cold which the Swiss Alps makes it seem like it would be a bloody cold place to be in but I have some real good friends here I wanted to visit so threw it in the mix for my Europe trip.

I was extremely lucky to have a friend in Switzerland that I met while doing my first backpacking trip in Hawaii (bless traveling) which him and his family welcomed me with open arms to stay during my trip. So I got to stay with a Swiss family in a small village near Thun and experience what it was like to live as a Swiss resident for a couple of days!! It was truly amazing.

Fun Facts!! Did you know…They drink Coffee and eat chocolate at night? That should be enough to tell you how awesome this place would be to travel to but I also jotted down some of my favourite experiences in Switzerland incase you happen to be looking for some things to do there. I’ll start off with the four towns I went to visit and the sort of things I saw. I took a train from Paris to Bern where my friend picked me up from the station to show me around the first city, Bern.

Bern, let’s see my most memorable thoughts: medical looking towns like you’re in the game of thrones, good coffee, the first Lindt building (yes your fav Lindt chocolate was first started right here!), bears, turquoise lakes, and statue of a guy eating a baby.

Thun, my most potent memories: cute and quirky restaurants, town walks with Swiss alps views, huge ass swans, night chills with beers.

Spiez, from what I remember: small town vibes, picnics by the harbour, dive fishes and lake walks, vine years and castles.

Interlaken, my last stop: tourist area, cleanest hostel stay, wind surfing, chop fab beers, shopping.

So now you get a general vibe of what it was like for each town, and now I want to share some of my most heart warming experiences in Switzerland that I would totally recommend you doing if you travel here. Note that these “Top 10 Things” are less touristic and more so experience based things. I found that what really made my time here was being able to experience what it was like living as a Swiss (ex: food, hobbies, etc) and learned about their history. The beauty of travel I tell ya, anyways here it is, my favourite memories of Switzerland:

1) Hiking

I mean if your a professional hiker maybe you would do the Swiss Alps but I ain’t at that level yet so my friend took me to this hike near by his house which at the top of the hill you’ll see the Swiss Alps staring right infront of you.

2) Cheese Fondue

Cheese is probably my favourite thing in the whole world and so Switzerland was pretty much like cheese heaven to me. It’s like even the cheap grocery store cheese is probably exquisite and good quality *crying*. You should def hit up a cheese fondue resto here or make your own Cheese fondue if you have the utensils and stuff 🙂

3) Cooking some Swiss Food!

Me and Janik’s mum cooked a Swiss version of Mac and cheese but with apples which was so fun to do and delicious to eat!! If you’re backpacking, or traveling for a few days or staying at a friends place, you should try out cooking a Swiss meal and just experience what it’s like to do it yourself. There is something special about just being in a new country, buying your own ingredients that you wouldn’t be able to usually get at your home grocery store, cooking a dish that is authentic to the country’s food culture and enjoying it after all the work! I love it.

4) Bike Rides
You will probably experience one of the most sceaneric bike rides of your life here being surrounded by the alps.

5) Picnics in Spiez

Spiez is known to have one of the most beautiful Harbours in Switzerland where you’e able to see the boats gracefully floating on the clear blue lake with dive ducks diving and doing their thing. Me and Janik’s mum and sis (Janik is my Swiss friend) biked into town, went to the grocery store and bought some food and snacks like dried fruit, cheese obviously, bread, chocolate to have a picnic and chat while looking over the harbour

6) See the Cows
I met a guy at one of the hostels I was staying at he unfortunately only had like 3 days or something in Switzerland and he said what he really wanted to see was the cows (which he didn’t get to see). So yeah, you should see some cows here because one they are really cute and two it just adds to the whole Switzerland connecting to nature travel experience. I saw some at a farm and got shocked by a electric fence by accident while trying to touch one of the cows – was worth the shock.

7) Swiss Games
There’s this super competitive and fun Swiss game that you have to try playing! I forgot the name of it, it’s like King’s or something like that, but pretty much you divide the field into two sections with a “King” stick in the middle between you and your component. Then each player has about 5 sticks to line up in front of them which basically is lives in the game and the point of it is that the other plays tries to knock down your lives with a stick by throwing it across the field until they’ve knocked down all your lives which then can they start aiming at the king in the middle. When the king in the middle gets knocked down then you win. That was a super brief explanation but yeah – fun times lol!

8) Town hopping

Switzerland and same with all of Europe as you know is all connected and super easy to go from town to town by train. Find out what your looking to see and find your routes via Eu Rail or if your real adventurous just go to your local station nearest to you and decide where abouts to go at that moment.

9) Chocolate eating (Funky Chocolate)

Chocolate is also very popular in Switzerland as you know (similar situation with cheese) it’s like this countries national food is just the best in the world I swear lol! So chocolate is everywhere with millions of choices and high quality. I would definitely recommend trying some and also if you end up in Interlaken, visit Funky Chocolate which is a chocolate and cooking shop that sells a bunch of chocolate desserts (+) Instagram worthy too and you can actually send a bar of chocolate to your friends from anywhere around the world with them which would be a pretty awesome souvenir gift for your family and friends.

10) Swiss Alps

This one is a given but yeah, just taking in the view of the Swiss Alps is one for the bucket list. It’s like a painting before your eyes and photo’s on the internet does NOT do justice. Go there to see it for yourself!

Last comments I have about Switzerland. It’s not as cold as it looks, the food is freaking amazing, the buildings and towns make you feel like your in the medieval times, theres SO much interesting history in each town and village, each place has it’s own quirks but all in all it gives off a very home and warm like feeling and lastly I want to thank my friend Janik and his family for leaving me with some of the most precious memories I have of Switzerland that I will never forget in my life. I will definitely be back to visit Switzerland again and perhaps do the other cities and towns and doing all the above of the 10 things I listed here all over again!! Cheers xx