SURPRISE, I love subscription boxes their like receiving a loot bag that you use to get at birthday parties when you were a kid but for grown up version in the mail gifted to yourself from yourself haha!!

So I’ve done subscription box reviews in the past but this one’s a little different because it is solely YOGA inspired!! My fav. I love yoga. I am yogi.

What is Yogi Surprise? It is a monthly box subscription that is filled with yoga related items ranging from fashion like jewelry, to beauty like skincare, food like nutrition bars, and lifestyle like notebooks. Every month you will receive different items from different brands giving you a way to try out different products as well.

For this review I’ll be talking about the July Box which was last month but because I was too busy planning for this huge trip I’m on currently right now I’m posting it now lol but actually I’m using the products from this July Box right now because I brought some with me on my trip to South East Asia + Australia.

Okay so what was in my Loot Bag from Yogi Surprise?
– Skinny Coconut Oil: YESSSS!! I’ve actually used this coconut oil before and it’s one of my favourite brands. Coconut oil can literally be used for everything. Such a universal resource that needs to be in your life. I use coconut oil for my hair for dry split ends, as a moisturizer for my skin, as my make up remover, and can be used for baking recipes as well when I’m feeling in the mood to be like YA LET’S COOK SOMETHING HEALTHY TODAY!!!
– Mindful Anti-Aging Eye Serum: I took this one with me on my trip to Philippines and Bali as it is in my Backpack with me right now as we speak in the Cebu Airport. Why I use eye cream’s is because I don’t want to look like a zombie when I’m traveling around. And as you can expect from the brand name, they use mindful ingredients. BLESS!

– Indian Journals Yogi Notebook: Of course I have this notebook with me as well for my trip because every adventure I take, I have a notebook to write down my ideas, thoughts, and memories!! Yogi Surprise came in clutch with this box of goodies that I got to take with me.
– Aculief + Phive Bar + Copper Cup: I got a delicious superfood Phive bar that I either ate right away after taking these product photos or after my Hot Yoga class, I can’t remember correctly. Included Copper Cup Turmeric Latte Tea (3 Packages). And this Aculief wearable acupuncture for relief on the go. To be honest, I haven’t worn this long enough to give you my thoughts on it but cool concept of a product.

Overall thoughts and experience on Yogi Surprise is that it curates mindful and healthy products for those of you looking for brands and products to try out that are yoga inspired and gravitate towards healthy living. It’s pretty much like a yoga retreat in a box!

Each box costs $44.95 a month which is a great deal because one retailing product can easily amount to that price on it’s own. It’s always questionable with subscription boxes if you should or should not sign up because what if you don’t like the items right? Well hence why it’s great to read reviews and see what’s inside their past boxes so you have a general idea on what to expect from your box that you order. Yogi Surprise has a great customer service team as well so if you enjoy their brand concept of what their trying to send out to their subscriptions I would definitely recommend it!!

If you’re curious to find out what’s inside their past boxes or to find out more about them, go to their website here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and NAMASTE !!!!