After arriving in Bali from a horrendous flight delay and pure exhaustion from lay overs at the airport from the Philippines to Indonesia, the relief I felt when Rhadana Hotel as my first stop (only a 15 minute drive away from the airport!) to stay in was probably one of the best feelings ever.

Right when I entered the hotel, the staff greeted me so warmly, the restaurant was beaming with beautiful decor with a balinese and nature theme, and the delicious breakfast was set out before me. I received a complimentary drink on entrance and strolled around the outdoor pool and had a nap in the sun before I got checked into my one of a kind room.

The rooms in Rhadana are absolutely incredible. By incredible I mean creative ideas (every room with a different theme), unique with details down to the nitty gritty, and the ambiance of the whole stay is just… how do I say it, memorable.. special.

There’s a lot about this hotel I want to share because I think it is such an amazing place to stay in just like how I blog about the countries or places I’ve visited. Staying at a hotel can create that feeling as well and really has a huge impact on the overall feel of your vacation or trip.

I know that when I travel, if I don’t enjoy my stay at my accommodation, I will try to stay out as late as possible to minimize my time at the place (you know what I mean??) But here at Rhadana, I almost wanted to just go back to the hotel and spend just as much time there and I’ll tell you why:

When I enter into a hotel, I like to experience something different. Not just the typical memories you have at a place with you know bed, room, breakfast and… that’s it. Here at Rhadana Kuta Bali the rooms are decorated in a way that is antique with a modern twist. Classy yet quirky – I LOVE IT!!!! Guys, I’m serious you have to see these rooms for yourself they will make your creative brain juices flowing. For example: the room I stayed in was a Helicopter themed room. So everything in the room was printed with Helicopters. Helicopter wall paper, helicopter pillow cases, Helicopter toys on a canvas, Helicopter photos. All paired with elegant prints and designs to go with the theme. To give you other examples of the different themes of the other rooms are: Beatles themed (for all your Beatles lovers), a hippie van university themed room (who even thinks of that and what a genius), a train themed room that feels 3D, and more.

And what I love most about all this is that from the outside perspective, if you were to stay in these rooms you could easily just think that they are cool themed rooms (which they are) but there’s also a back story to each room from the CEO of Rhadana. Each theme has a special part in the story of the CEO of the hotel for instance he loves Helicopters and flying hence the helicopter room, the university hippie van room is from his personal university he graduated from and the van he drove, the beattles because he’s a huge fan of them. I think that is such a personalized way of running a hotel. And the quirky antiques you’ll see around the hotel are from his collections as well. So this is what I mean by my experience here is very memorable because of their creative way of hosting a stay that’s unique, special, and memorable!

The breakfast in Rhadana Kuta Bali is so delicious I look forward to waking up every morning!!! Fresh juices like mango or pineapple, mineral water, balinese coffee and indonaseian black tea, different versions of rice depending on the day, your choice of any style egg, toast with jam or butter (I recommend the pineapple jam and butter SO YUMMY!) and juicy chicken for protein, sauté vegetables mix, crunchy chips and dip, and fruit platter with everything all you can eat!

On the 5th floor of the hotel, you’ll find a fitness room which I think is key for a hotel or villa or resort to have for their guests and they also have a praying room as a muslim friendly hotel for their needs.

Overall I think that this Rhadana Kuta Bali is honestly the definition of pure relaxation. With a home like feeling while your away on vacation in the beautiful island of Bali. Highly HIGHLY recommend this hotel to anyone that is looking to book a stay in Bali, you really need to experience this place for yourself! I want to specially thank the staff for their loving smiles and greeting every time I’m in the hotel and their management team for being absolutely amazing 🙂 They have truly an wonderful team for Rhadana.

Breakdown Summary:
-close to airport 15 min drive
-close to town 20 min walk, less then 10 minute drive to Kuta beach
-beautiful outdoor pool from 9am to 9pm
-fitness room for vacation/travel work outs
-praying room
-unique memorable stay
-one of a kind experience
-amazing balinese breakfast
-complimentary parking and free Wi-Fi access
-library and lounge
-meeting room available for booking
-staff to brighten your day
-feeling of home (your home away from home)
-pure relaxation in the bliss of bali
-super clean, zero bugs, spotless and comfortable