It’s safe to say we all have that one friend that has the travel bug 24/7, probably half way across the world right now, perhaps documents her life through her travel and adventures, maybe she’s always on the go and always like a free spirited monkey that’s just up for anything.

You might be having troubles with finding the perfect gift to suit that lifestyle because well,.. it’s not easy to pick out presents in the first place let alone a gift with some travel edge to it! So I put together a creative and fun gift guide for that girl with the adventurous soul.

How did I come up with this list? My birthday was not too long ago and these were my gift’s I received. So I guess you can say it was my friends and family that created this ultimate list.

Here we go!!!

1) Let’s Go Somewhere Mug

Her morning cup of coffee will always be started off right with this mug! Nothing stands out more then this Hippie Van mug that can make a girl happy just by looking at it. She can drink her global coffee grinds in this cup of travel joy

2) Live Your Story Pouch


Gift a cute pouch for your friend to store her international currency, jewelry, earplugs, lip balms, and tampons! I personally always use a separate pouch to store my money when I’m roaming around in another country. Especially as a backpacker, bringing your Michael Kors wallet is probably not the best option – use a cutie pouch instead.

3) More Adventures Room Decor

Nothing is as personal and heart warming then a DIY gift! It’s unique and special because you know it was made just for you with only 1 in the world 🙂 Head over to Pinterest and find some inspiration on what to paint or draw on a Canvas, get creative! This little painting would be the perfect room decor for your adventurous friend that probably maybe would want to go on more adventures.

4) Crafty Place Holder

Another DIY gift is this universal anything holder. Why I call it a anything holder because you can pretty much put anything in this; jewelry, change, notes, make up, credit cards, and more. Decorate it with a personal message, inspiration quote, drawings.

5) Boho Jewelry
Shop at Local Boutiques

I guess this idea is more so listed here because I know I love boho jewelry so yeah, it made it on the gift guide lol. But actually though I do notice a lot of female travellers wearing simple jewlery pieces and always curious to where I get mine. If you know your friend likes jewelry, this would be a great gift for her! Knowing her favuorite colours and style will help in choosing.

6) Polaroid
FujiFilm or Lomography

Most likely your friend will want to be documenting their travel memories photographically and to be honest what girl doesn’t want a polaroid? It’s a well rounded gift you can’t go wrong with and you can snap some photo’s with her on the birthday date for memories as well!

7) Travel Bra
The Travel Bra

Get a innovative travel essential for your friend, the travel bra! It’s a comfy and functional bra that has multiple of pockets (2 drop down sleeves, small jewelry pockets above the cups, and a side sleeve) all to be used to carry your important items to have close to you when backpacking such as passport, hotel keys, money, and more! Comes in different colours and styles.

8) Universal Sunscreen
The Sunscreen Company

I use sunscreen religiously in my skincare routine and it is a product that should be used in every country and for anywhere and for everyday! This luxurious sunscreen brand called CyberDERM carries zinc oxide based sunscreen which is coral reef friendly (yay oceans!) and great for sensitive skin without any hormone disruptors or the bad ingredients you read on the news.

9) Travel Notebook

A traveler’s typically love a notebook to write down all their thoughts, feelings, inspirations, moments, connections, contacts, addresses, and ideas into a paper and pen journal. Get her one of these notebooks for her next trip!

10) Yoga Bag
Liz Alig

For the yogi friend? A carry on airport bag is perfect for a traveler probably heading off to Bali for a yoga retreat for the week, or how about Costa rica for a surf and yoga lessons? This Ethically hand made bag supporting and providing opportunities for people in undeveloped countries paying fair wages and creative safe working conditions. This bag is perfect to carry on the plane with two straps in the front and back of the bag to carry a yoga mat. Such a beautiful piece to add to her suitcase wardrobe and extra bonus is feeling great knowing it’s a product handmade to support local work!