I know Canada Day has already past but I wanted to share a yummy review on some of dishes I created with Hello Fresh Canada – a online food subscription service that ships fresh healthy food to your house. Cooking has never been so easily planned and executed!

So how does this Hello Fresh Box work? Basically it’s a specialized meal plan service where every week (or month) depending on your preference, you get sent a box filled with everything you need to make amazing recipes provided by the box. The box is different every week with chefs creating a step by step hand guide including 3-4 recipes with clear instructions on how you can use all the produce and ingredients that are provided for you in your box. No planning is needed.

Honestly, sometimes we just get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. For instance I would guiltily complain about being bored of my chicken salad for dinner every night and when my sister asks me “alright, so what do you even feel like eating then?” I would literally have no idea what I even feel like making – back to the chicken salad again. I’m not hating on the chicken salad though, I’m just saying it was SO nice to have received the Hello Fresh Box in the mail and have EVERYTHING planned out for you without even having to think about it with seriously mouth watering recipes that I would have had never thought of making.

All the ingredients are packed up into cubes per recipe (3 recipes, 3 boxes filled with ingredients for that recipe) with pre-measured and pre cut ingredients all packaged up – down to even a mini bottle of white vinegar for one time use! The meat is stored at the bottom of the sustainable box so your ingredients won’t go bad no matter what time of the day you go to retrieve the box. Below I have a short video of myself opening the box to show you what it looks like:

Alright so I got shipped a box on the Thursday June 26th and actually began cooking on July 5th which is a good week later and all the ingredients were still fresh, ready to go. Below are the outcomes of the three recipes I created. If I say so myself, I am striving to be the next master chef:

1) Peameal Bacon Sandwich
with Apple- Mustard Slaw

Make Toronto’s famous signature sandwich at home with the mustard seeds and apple are both grown in Canada! Perfect patio meal with a friend to enjoy a burger packed with flavours with it’s coleslaw mix and seasoned bacon. So yummy!

2) Maple- Glazed Salmon
with Orange – Arugula Salad and Wild Rice

A meal perfect for the ones that love sweet and savoy food! The salmon is marinated with maple syrup (gotta add that Canadian ingredient!) with soya sauce and mustard!

3) Cranberry and Cream Cheese Roulades
with Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli

This one was probably my favourite! Cream cheese stuffed chicken with again a sweet and salty factor with the cranberries cooked in the chicken. It was so easy to make and I was literally so happy and proud of this after I finished cooking I had a tweetathon on it! (follow me @hicarrieproject)

Interested in trying out a Hello Fresh box?! Want to save $30 on your first and second box with Hello Fresh?! I got you – use code CARRIE60 (no I’m not trying to sell you anything don’t worry, I don’t get commission if you use it or not, just wanna give you a good discount on food!!)

Hope you liked this review, talk to you next time!