I have another hair post for you guys which I out together

I love having nice fresh hair. It’s like a breath of fresh air to the day and you feel like a bad ass princess that you already are but the hair just adds that touch you know. I don’t even know what I’m saying half the time but you know what I mean if you always read my posts, you got me guys!!

Anyways, I had a best friends sleep over with my two childhood friends Dorothy and Kimberly and I styled both their hairs for the summer. Depending on the type of hair you have +the humidity from the summer heat waves can be a bad hair day that results in a any type of bun or ponytail for the sake of getting your hair out of your face. In this post, I’ll be showing you two tools that you can use on your hair to beat the heat and look like a beach goddess this summer!

For Dorothy’s Hair, I did a beachy wavy look which worked AMAZING with the Isa Professional Flat Iron. The barrel for this straightener is thinner with pointed tips which I found to work really well with precision in waving and adding texture to her hair. I’ve curled Dorothy’s hair before and this is by far 1000 times better with this iron. Her hair is really thin and pin straight naturally so I’m super impressed with how it turned out looking. A lot of people find it difficult to curl or wave hair with a flat iron but I find it one of the easiest and fastest ways to do it. You just have to section your hair off well and place the Isa Professional Flat Iron completely horizontal and pull inwards slowly holding for 2 seconds at the part of the hair you want the wave or curl, then release and continue down the strand.

With my hair, using the Conair Ultimate Brush which uses an ionic generator, this brush will help to smooth out any static in your hair while loosening the hair curls for style and a more beachy wave look. Sometimes after curling you hair, you might have some pieces that are too curled or overdone, perhaps a lot of frizz from the heat in the summer as well. You can simply switch on this Conair brush which produces negative ions to neutralize the frizz and static and run it through your hair for a effortless look.

For Kimberly’s hair, (random fact: Kimberly & Dorothy are twins lol), I straightened her hair completely with the flat iron. She has straight hair as well with a bit of frizz. Again, I sectioned pieces of her hair and ran the Isa Professional straightener through each piece. With the finished look it made her hair look super shiny, smooth, and frizz free. We all agreed that with asian hair, yes we do typically have straight hair but it’s not like a straightener straight if you know what I mean.

Overall I would recommend the Isa flat iron + Conair Ultimate Brush as a combo beauty kit for anyone looking for a straightener that does texturizing hair really well for curling and wavy especially! I will probably have another hair post soon up on my blog in the near future stay tuned 🙂