Welcome to your ultimate Hostel round up for Europe 2017. After coming back from my month and a half long trip around Europe, I wanted to put together a handy Hostel guide for those of you looking for the best hostels to stay in to save you the time for searching the endless pages of amazing hostels and making the hard decision to choose the best ones. In this blog post, you can travel to those hostels virtually through my camera lenses and my experiences so you can see exactly what you can expect for my top 10 picks across Europe to pick and choose the best ones to suit your travel itinerary. Let’s get to it:

Welcome to Paris, France

St. Christopher’s Inns Gare Du Nord

I got two hostels from the St. Christopher’s Inns hostels to recommend to you if your looking for a place to stay in Paris. The first is located in Gare Du Nord which is only steps away from the popular Gare Du Nord Train station which makes it a very accessible first hostel stop if your looking for a place to stay on your first night. The hostel is absolutely huge able to hold a lot of backpackers which makes it a very lively place to meet people. They also have a restaurant that turns into a nightclub right attached to their building so going out will literally take no effort. A delicious breakfast buffet is also included in your stay and many in house tour opportunities are offered in their hostel around Paris!

Standard Cost per Night: €36.80 = $54.60CAD

St. Chistopher’s Inn Canal

Located on the Canal which is more of a suitable hostel for those that like a more quiet and peaceful type of location also included the restaurant/ nightclub at entrance. Gare Du Nord is more so a busier place in the city while the Canal is the complete opposite with more of quiet home vibe. Both equally appealing hostels to choose from but it depends on what your looking for out of your stay. Personally, I found the rooms in the Gare Du Nord location more put together and cozier but I also really enjoyed the location at the Canal with your front yard basically the view of the whole canal because I like the accessibility of being by nature and water.

Standard Cost per Night: €34.80 = $51.31CAD

HipHop Hostels Le Smart Hostel + Village Hostel

Another great company that manages multiple hostels in Paris is HipHop Hostels. They have some of the most well put together accommodation organization for your stay at affordable prices. I will be recommending two hostels from them below:

Located right downtown, with Gare Du Nord metro station within a minutes walk away, Le Smart Hostel is a family friendly choice for travellers looking for an all around accommodation that has everything one would need for a comfortable stay! With a spacious lounge for doing work and hanging out, a kitchen for cooking, a quiet outdoor area, and a incredibly clean environment… this Hostel is perfect for couples, families, and solo/ business travellers looking for a peaceful place to stay. Another perk about this hostel is their breakfast set up. Majority of hostels have in-house breakfasts in their kitchen set up for specific times – with Le Smart Hostel, they work together with a sister hotel L’Avalon Suites where your able to have a amazing buffet breakfast next door.

Standard Cost per Night: €16.90 = $24.93CAD

Village Hostel is located right by Sacre Coeur and is another great location for travelling within Paris. I was very impressed by the set up of this hostel with little unique aspects including the outdoor terrance lounge, the room itself with a beautiful view of the streets of Paris, having the Franprix (grocery store) next door for the backpackers looking to cook, and a bar next door with convenience to easily going out and meeting other travellers (bonus: you get a free shot with your stay).

Standard Cost per Night: €16.90 = $24.93CAD

Travel to Interlaken, Switzerland

Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof

The type of hostel you don’t want to leave at all because you really have it all. The mountain views from your balcony, a HUGE double kitchen to do your cooking (yes I love having a lot of room when I’m making food), amazing coffee’s and latte’s, and a very VERYYYY clean living environment. Probably the cleanest hostel I’ve ever been to.

Not only that, but there is also a meditation room. A MEDITATION ROOM!!!! I know right? All the yogi’s out there are probably clapping like seals right now, I know I was lol! This room had the cutest set up for the musically creatives, book readers, and basically anyone that just needs some peace and quiet with of course a window view of the alps.

Standard Cost per Night: €29.22 = $43.09CAD

Indulge in Milano, Italy

Queen Hostel

Cozy, cute, and chic are the three words I would use to describe this hostel. The lounge is endless with it’s spacious area designated for people to do work, blogging, reading, or whatever you want to use your time for in a space allowing you to sit down comfotable and do your thing! The leaf walls also make for great Instagram photos 😉

The rooms are very clean and comfy with fuzzy wool blankets provided keeping you snuggly and happy on your resting hours! Queen Hostel is set up to provide a place for other travellers to meet and hang out which I’ve made some of the most amazing friends at this hostel which I’m very thankful for. The hostel is situated in a great location not too far away from Dumo and the shopping plazas (walking distance) but also in a area that isn’t jam packed with tourists. They also have a very spacious and clean kitchen area which I really enjoyed cooking my meals in. I always appreciate the kitchen space in hostels because I do a lot of cooking when I backpack so this was a definite plus at this Queen Hostel. Breakfast is also included in your stay which is a set meal tray with a croissant, your choice of juice, and some crackers and jam spreads. A smaller breakfast compared to the buffet breakfasts but a perfect amount leaving you satisfied.

Standard Cost per Night: €37.00 = $54.57CAD

Relax in Ischia Islands, Italy

Paradise Beach Hostel

If your heading off to Ischia from the porto in Naples, I would definitely recommend staying over on the island itself rather then making day trips back and fourth from Naples. Paradise Beach Hostel the perfect island getaway for travellers looking for pure relaxation with swarms of colours provided by nature. Although this hostel is a bit confusing to get to (just follow the Hostel directions and you should be fine!) it is totally worth it. You need a good 2-3 days to just relax at the Hostel with there 3 puppies Boop, Lupo, and Tequila (YES HOSTEL DOG THERAPY) I wish you could feel the relief I felt when I found the Hostel and was greeted by their 3 lovely dogs running up to me and welcoming me.

Catch the island vibes, head to the non-crowded beaches to chill out, absorb the awesomeness of being in a natural hot spring, or doing some hikes that makes you feel like your in narnia/the hobbit from this volcanic island. This hostel is absolutely huge with a outdoor pool and balconies in each dorm. The patio outside is perfect on it’s own if you feel like just sitting in and doing absolutely nothing with a beautiful view and majestical garden. Breakfast is included with a breakfast buffet of assortment of breads and pastries.

Standard Cost per Night: €24.00 = $35.40CAD

Culture Adventure in Rome, Italy

B&B Minerva

This is a writers deluxe paradise getaway in a so called busy city Rome. Honestly, I was very skeptical coming to Rome especially leaving from ischia islands feeling all the slow island vibes. Rome is known to be chaotic, tourist central, and busy which is not my style at all. But I did very much want to see the city so headed out to this B&B a 10 minute walk from Conca D’ora Metro station (about 7 stops away from Rome Termini). B&B Minerva couldn’t have been at the most perfect spot. In a safe and cozy street with a gelato place right in front, a grocery store a block away along side many cafes and restaurants, a beautiful garden for a walk, and vintage crafts on the weekends!

This was definitely the most unique stay I had in my whole trip. The back story behind this beautiful vintage themed B&B is based off a famous opera singer that use to live in this place. Stefano, a creative architect and the business owner decided to recreate this B&B still holding the exact essence and theme from the opera singer. Decorated with a modern vintage feel, it was a place that gave me writers inspiration to write (which I don’t feel often at a lot of places I stay at). B&B Minerva is a very culturally inspiring place to stay in which I would highly recommend to anyone traveling to Rome. It is also only just a short metro ride to downtown which will enable you to see the city as well.

Standard Cost per Night: €60.00 = $88.49CAD

Fun Times in Barcelona, Spain

Feetup Garden House Hostel

If your looking for hostel with the most friendly staff, situated in a non touristic location yet still easy to get around with local metro’s to choose from, Feetup Garden House Hostel is for you! With a relaxing front yard to chill out in, this hostel is a great choice for travellers in Barcelona. I had an amazing stay here for one night and made such great conversations with the staff at the desks who are more then helpful in providing you with the best experience during your stay. The garden outside is absolutely beautiful to take a breather when you feel like having a getaway from the city life. Travellers Tip: book in advance when you can especially when it’s Holiday in Europe or you’ll easily find yourself having to fork up double-tripe the amount last minute!

Standard Cost per Night: €19.57 = $28.86CAD

Outdoor Travelers in Cinque Terre

Hostel 5 Terre

A Hostel that makes you feel like your glamping in the beautiful mountains in Cinque Terre. This luxurious yet affordable hostel is a great choice for those looking to explore the area or even just looking for a place to completely get lost in the nature of Italy. The only thing to consider when choosing 5 Terre is that there are strict shuttle bus times with drop offs in the morning and pick up in the afternoon, once you miss your shuttle, your on your own! Due to the location way up in the mountains, grocery shopping isn’t a option which their staff also don’t approve of personal kitchen use because they prepare their dinners for you as personal hostel chefs for 10 euros on top of your stay price. Although their are some restriction to staying in Hostel 5 Terre, I would still recommend it for the experience and overall the price is for the stay is worth it.

Standard Cost per Night: €22.00 = $32.45CAD

A Backpacker’s Paradise in Lagos, Portugal

Sol A Sol Hostel

I only have good things to say about this Hostel. I fully enjoyed my stay here and ended up getting a 4 bed room dorm all to myself (bless low season)! With a 3 minute walks away to Batata beach Sol A Sol is located right in the centre of the village town giving you full advantage of all the things to explore in Lagos. The staff are Portuguese themselves and can give you the locals perspective on what to do around the area. In-house Excursions are also hosted in Sol A Sol. The bedroom dorm is pretty average but what I loved about this hostel was the roof top they have where everyone ends up meeting up at the end of the day to kick back with some music and drink a couple beers before all going out together. It really puts together a great space to meet other travellers and to hang out near a beautiful view. Travellers Tip: Portugal is one of the cheapest places in Europe to Backpack and personally one of my favourite places our of my whole trip. You will definitely need more time in this country.

Standard Price per Bed: €25.08 = $36.99CAD