I enjoy my skincare time. Like really enjoy it.

It’s one of those times of the day that I actually look forward to because it’s so relaxing and it’s just a nice moment you have with yourself knowing that you’re taking care of your body and skin – it’s a relaxing comforting feeling. Hence why I like doing reviews on skincare products because I enjoy the whole ritual behind skincare itself!

Today I’ll be doing a review on Cetaphil which is a Canadian Made skincare brand. You must have seen this brand floating around on the internet or the shelves of your local Walmart. How I use Cetaphil in the summer? Here are the two products that came up to my perfect match for this season:

Oil Control Foam Wash

I have combination skin with random outbreaks during the time of the month or during the summer as well. I love the summer don’t get me wrong but with that being said I’m not a huge fan of me sweating like I’m in a sauna and skin break outs – NO thanks! This month my skin was just not having it with the bi-polar weather in Ottawa changing every two seconds to my hormones acting up from my period, it was just not the best days for my poor skin. This Cetaphil cleansing foam couldn’t have arrived at the best timing with it’s perfect compatibility for oily or acne prone skin. This deep pore cleansing removes oil and residue with it’s foam cleanse light and airy on your skin. When your skin is sensitive and blemish prone try your best to resist the urge to pop a pimple for instant results or you will immediately regret it (I’ve been there!). Be patient with your skin because it takes time for it to heal and the best way is consistency through cleansing and care.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

I’m always outside as much as possible because I LOVE being in nature and being under the sun. So with summer here, I try my best to take full advantage of the nice weather! With that being said, being out in the sun can bring a tole on your skin. I find my skin gets dry after a long day outside which is no surprise to me because of the environmental radicals we’re consistently exposed to. I’ve been using the Cetaphil Moisturizer Lotion at night after a shower to help replenish my skin with moisture and hydration. This lightweight moisturizer absorbs quick into my skin and leaves a soft smooth finish from your application. Don’t forget to moisturize your feet as well! I find that I always forget this part of my body such as with sunscreen application as well which is terrible because skincare needs to be balanced across your whole body. It’s like putting together a bed but forgetting the last nail (wasn’t the best example but you get the point!), you can’t miss it.

Giveaway Time!!
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