I’m SO SO excited to be doing this review today because you should have seen my face when I got this package from Instyler in the mail. I was dancing in my kitchen because these Instyler hair tools felt like Christmas to me when I saw how cute the packaging was with the white bows and all and I pretty much took a million photo’s before I even started using them. Anyways, this post is about a hair beauty brand that sells hair styling tools from hair straighteners to blow dryers to curlers. I can confirm that not only are these products absolutely BEAUTIFUL but they deliver in quality 100%. It’s one thing for the product to look pretty but the big part is for it to be worth what it costs in terms of what it can do for our hair in this case.


Claims it straightens better then a flat iron… TRUTH.

This is probably one of my favourites from the Instyler hair tools because it’s practically like a straightener + blow dryer infused into one to give voluminous straight hair. What this rotating iron is made of is basically think of a hair straightener but replace one end with a soft brush and the other with a heated roller. What it does is once you clip a strand of your hair, the brush combs your hair through while the roller spins to straighten your hair. It’s actually amazing guys.

This Max 2-Way Rotating Iron is able to change the rotation direction of the heated barrel to the natural direction of your hair and for when you straighten from left head to right. The iron takes less then 10 seconds to heat up and has four heat settings with it’s MAX heat perfect for all hair types! The brush is made with ionic bristles which helps to separate your hair strands while emitting negative ions to reduce fizz and creating that healthy and shiny hair look with volume. This smart iron automatically shuts off after 45 minutes for those that are forgetful- you will never have to worry about leaving your straightener on again 🙂

I have naturally straight hair as a asian chick but I do sometimes straighten my hair to get more of a “put together straight hair look” if you know what I mean. The problem I have with hair straighteners is that they flatten my hair TOO much. Like pin straight to the point my hair feels like it’s sticking to the side of my face making my face look like a big boiled egg head lol. So to be honest, I avoided straightening my hair for a while because it just didn’t look good to me BUT NOW WITH THIS INSTYLER ROTATING IRON I WILL STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR AGAIN!!

If you are looking for volume + straight hair this is honestly the perfect product for you!


I have never used a fancier or prettier hair blow dryer in my life. IT LIGHTS UP IN BLUE WHEN YOU USE IT, I’m done. Now what’s special about the BLU TURBO Ionic Dryer is that it dries your hair double times faster and includes multiple of functions and settings for you to control the airflow to meet what your looking to do with your hair.The Blu Turbo Ionic Dryer has a ionic switch which bathes your hair in soothing ions to produce smooth frizz free hair.

I’ll be mentioning a lot about ions in this post because their products specialize in emitting negative ions – so that that mean? I googled it lol and pretty much our hair consists of negative and positive ions. Wet hair has positive so ionic dryers that emit negative ions help to style and dry your hair in a more gentle and faster way (less damage!). The dryer also comes with styling attachments as well and a cool shot setting which you basically use as the final setting to seal in your look. Hair isn’t much different then for instance the pores on your face! When we wash our faces, we start with warm water to open our pores when we then end with cold water to close our pores to ensure the effects from the products we’ve used are sealed in so the damage from the environment don’t seep in. Same concept goes with hair. Warm air to dry, heat, and style while cold air to close in the final look.


I just wanted to say a bit about the packaging for this straightener. Like oh my god. How is so beautiful?? Instyler honestly killed it with the packaging and product style for their tools. Everything is just sleek and beautiful. I don’t want to even want to throw away their box because it’s so dam pretty.

The Cerasilk Styling Flat Iron is a beautiful matte white colour which has four heat settings (300°F, 350°F, 400°F, 440°F). Again, the max is set safe for all hair types. Designed to defend your hair agasnt heat damage with it’s ceramic covered plates. Designed to act as a built-in heat protectant so your hair never directly touches the plates for further heat protection and giving you more options for how you choose to use your iron with a removable styling comb (included in package). The styling iron is awesome for curling hair as well, incredibly easy to use and you spend so little time on doing your hair because it works so well with functionality and quality. You will literally never have to re-curl a strand of hair and never have to waste another 20 minutes on re touching your hair. The flat iron also glides through hair efficiently without having to re-straighten the same strand 50 times – yes that has happened to me before with my shitty Conair straightener FIRES SHOT HAHA. But you know just keeping it real and honest.

Overall I’m honestly very happy with Instyler because now I basically have all I need for a at home hair salon for myself! I’ll actually be heading off on my next trip to South East Asia end of July (surprise!! If you’re reading this you are probably the first ones to know because I haven’t announced it anywhere yet) and after my Asia trip I’ll be off to Australia for a WHOLE YEAR! Why does that relate to Instyler? Because I am only bringing a VERY VERY selected amount of things with me on my trip and only probably 1 box of things to be shipped to Australia for me and I can say that ALL of these tools are coming with even if I only have one world wide adaptor – it is totally worth to keep. That is how in love I am. Thanks for reading this review and I’m excited to be sharing with you all on my adventures in Australia soon!