Starting off my series of blog posts from my 1 month and half backpack trip in Europe is dandandandahhhhh – Paris! I started off my trip here and also ended off my trip here which is the city I spent the most time in. In Paris, how you will get the most of the place is really from the little things like coffee, baguette, dive bars, coffee again, eat a crêpe , walking around, etc! It’s quite simple, their lifestyle’s are so interactive, their food culture is embedded in their day to day basis, and it’s the ambience of the city that really makes it for what it is. Yes, some might argue and say fashion and expensive shopping is what it’s known for but in today’s post I’ll be covering the little things in Paris that will make you fall in love with the city OF love 🙂

1) Getting Lost in their Maze like Streets

I can claim that in Paris it is literally a maze with streets. Every street you enter you will basically get 7 other options that all look the same but choosing the wrong one will lead you in a loop of confusion and directing you to the total opposite place. To be honest, it is pretty fun. Just drop the google maps for one day and take whatever street you feel like going into. If you want real adventure in the city of Paris I would highly recommend doing this, you might just stumble across something really cool…but maybe just have your phone with you justtttt in case if you get REAL lost hahah like end up on the border to Switzerland HAHA!

2) Going to a Random Coffee Shop
If you are a coffee shop gooer, you would be freaking out with how many options you have in Paris. I would say Paris is like 80% coffee shops with so many places to choose from; vintage themed with chandeliers, modern minimalistic themed with wood tables, photography inspired with plants and polaroid photos, you dream it – paris probably has it!

3) Head out to this Vintage Dive Bar with the Coolest Decor Ever

There are a lot of hidden gems in Paris and this is definitely one of them. You won’t know about this day/night bar on your own because it is hidden in the streets! On the outside gate it looks like any other opening to a regular store or something but once you enter, this place is filled with quirky antiques, to vintage furniture, a MERMAID BAR RAILING, patches of wall paper filled with weird patterns, clocks and random other home decor, giving this place the coolest ambiance EVER!!! It is so low key for locals that I couldn’t even find it on google to link it to you. Sorry guys- best bet is to show this photo to a local in Paris and they might just show you the secret way to this gem!

4) The Abandoned Hidden Rail Road Tracks Above The Canal

There are train tracks above the canal in Paris that were abandoned awhile ago and there is access to get on top of there to see for yourselves (note: climbing a fence might be required, second note: please don’t refer this article to the guards lol)!! So if you walk down the canal and ask a local Parisian how to get above there, I’m sure one of them is bound to know how. Once you reach the top, you can walk the tracks which I have no idea where they end and you can explore a place with peace with a overview of the city. I would totally recommend bringing a book up there, it sets the perfect place to get away from the busyness and escape with a good read.

5) Canal on Sundays

If it’s nice and sunny out, you’ll see the canal filled with people sitting on the ledges with their groups of friends and family on Sunday. It’s so nice to see everyone out just lounging over the waters with their bottles of wine and fancy snacks!! I love it. You got a free Sunday afternoon in Paris? Go and sit by the Canal with a bottle of wine, you won’t regret it.

6) Le Spicy Home

This restaurant is really cool in Paris. It is located on Boulevard de Sébastopol and the concept of this restaurant is basically a cultural fiesta. So every month they would change their menu to serve food from a different country! How cool is that? I love the idea behind the restaurant and they serve amazing food.I will be writing a more detailed blog post on this restaurant with more food pics but here is one for now as a teaser 😉

7) Buy a Baguette and Eat it on the Streets like a Local

In Paris, you will always see AT LEAST one person holding a baguette walking down the street and munching away at it like their eating chips. When I first saw this I was thinking dam, doesn’t their teeth hurt?? Because from what I’m use to from the baguettes in Canada is that they are definitely not snackable pieces of bread from how hard they are. But guys, in Paris, for 1.30€, you will get the most snackable fresh baguette in the world. Everyday I would go off to a new shop and buy a baguette and I was the happiest girl ever.

8) Visit the Eiffel Tower

Yeah yeah I know super classic thing to write. THE EIFFEL TOWEL DUHHHH!! The #1 thing that you have to see in Paris AT LEAST once in your life. To be completely honest with you, it is the most touristic area ever filled with americans but definitely a site worth to see once. They say at night it is even more beautiful with the glowing lights 🙂