I remember when I first turned 22, not too long ago almost 11 and a half months ago. I was laying in my bed in Ottawa always wide eyed awake. No, not thinking about the boy that doesn’t text me back, no not thinking about the drama or gossip, no not thinking about if I was going to find a job being a new graduate- but this wide eyed girl at 4am every night was thinking about possibility.

My question to you is this: What is something that you can do in your life (if you did every single day) that would make a tremendous positive impact in your life?

Keep that in mind if you feel so to continue reading. The age of 22, has been the happiest year of my life. It was the first time in my life I felt alive, liberated with the courage to do what I wanted to do, to pull myself out of misery/self-doubt and travel. Yes I could have wrote endless cover letters and handed out my resume to mediocre stable income jobs that my parents probably would have loved me to do but instead I travelled the world. For my whole life, it is what I dreamed of doing and finally being able to do it all on my own, not giving a care in the world to what would happen next, not comparing myself to the other person, it is something words can not describe but if I had to choose two – life fulfilling.

And now what’s next you ask… back to reality they say. What does that really mean? Oh you know, get a ‘Real’ job with stable income, start living on your own, get engaged, have 2 kids – what you really mean is living the American Dream right? Now let me ask you, when did life become a step by step process earning us gold stars? From having your own car, to making 150K annually, to getting engaged by 25 -literally all becoming a milestone of success for our generation? Why does having more of these check marks off the list make one better then the other? It doesn’t. When did we learn to revolve our life and minds around these ‘achievements’ and put our happiness in the back burner? What does all of this mean if the living root of you is not genuinely happy with your human being?

I know there are ALOT of people struggling out there (including myself), and especially for students right now going through High School and University, wondering what the future may hold for them – I just wanted to remind you that there is much more possibility out there then what is set on the platter for you with a sticky note that says “rules to success”. There are no rules to being successful because what is success if you’re not happy? You are not alone in this, figuring things out, not knowing what your future will hold, and please – don’t feel alone. Because the person next to you is probably feeling the exact same. Big or little, whether we show it or not, we are all going through our own internal battles. No one’s life is EVER perfect, not even with 11K followers.

Now I’m not exactly the societies standard of a ‘successful’ person – I sure in hell don’t earn 150K per year nor do I have a engagement ring, a blue check mark beside my Instagram user name or a spacious apartment let alone an apartment in general. But what I do own with all my heart is possibility. And it is something I see people throw out the window like it’s not even a option so I’m going to hold onto it for as long and hard as I can just like I believe every other millennial should.

So to the 22 year old me and to the 23, 24, 25 till all the ages I’m still alive – thank you for taking a chance in yourself because it is the one thing I know I would regret for the rest of my life if I didn’t believe in something called possibility.

The root to success: is knowing who you are, what truly makes you happy, and what is your purpose you want to serve in your lifetime. I’m not writing this blog post because I think I know everything (because I don’t) but I wanted to share a part of me for others to feel not alone and as a reminder to myself of my own personal root to true success.

What is something that you can do in your life (if you did every single day) that would make a tremendous positive impact in your life?