I’m no scientist but I do know that travel has drastically changed my mental health. If I were to compare 2016 haven’t travelled anywhere before Carrie to the 2017 backpacked to 8 countries and counting Carrie I can’t even go on to explain how much 1 year has changed my entire life. Travel was my cure to releasing my mind and soul from any form of negativity and replenishing it with positivity.

1) You Experience New Lifestyles Adopted from Around the World
For example, wine drinking in France is considered for leisure which is completely opposite to western culture with binge drinking. In France, they value the social aspect of coffee and wine drinking on a daily basis not just for the enjoyment of food but it’s a healthy lifestyle for them to go out and interact with others over a espresso or a glass of red wine. When you are exposed to new lifestyles from other countries, you can really see what a little change in your lifestyle could make a drastic impact over the way you feel about yourself and your social life.

2) You Become more Open Minded, Towards Others and to Yourself

Especially when it comes to staying in Hostels, you get to meet a new person every single day!! And it’s not only meeting a group of new people, it’s literally bunking with them, being in each others personal space, and having conversations about each person’s country, culture, story, perspective, and being exposed to people in a whole new way. With these experiences it will 100% open your mind to your world through the interactions with all these human beings and their unique individualities. You are subconsciously learning more about yourself as you are learning about others.

3) Realizing Your Day to Day Problems aren’t as Bad as they Use To Seem

You realize that you’ve been really stressing out about minor problems that really aren’t that big of a deal. Maybe that one comment made on your social media account that rubbed you the wrong way, the cupcake you ate even though you were on a diet, the person gossiping about you behind your back, or maybe your anxious about your high school friend Tiffany who just bought that house with her beautiful fiancee that you are far from having. And then you’re off on your trip and you end up in Lagos, Portugal and meet a complete stranger living out of a tent with absolutely no money, no phone, no passport, and he is the happiest person you’ve ever met (true story). During our day to day lives, our problems seem to magnify and we get lost in this superficial world. But when we take a step back and focus on the little things like what makes us genuinely happy human beings and what we should be putting our time and thoughts into, much more positive thinking happens and the minor problems that use to take over our lives seem invisible. That’s what travel has taught me.

4) You Become More Confident
When you backpack by yourself, you are literally putting your life in your own hands and trusting yourself to do whatever the hell your about to do. Coming back home from those experiences, you will absolutely feel more confident in living your life. The amount of people you meet on your trips will throw you out of your comfort zone, you’re out there without any labels like back at home, you are a complete stranger to someone, and it gives you that opportunity to re discover a part of you that might have been holding back growing up back home.
And what I soon realized after travelling is that people will love me for who I am and if they don’t, so be it.

5) You Slowly But Surely Find Yourself (On Going Journey)

The most common thing you hear from travellers is that you will end up “finding yourself” when you travel. It’s not like if you were to come back from your trip and you just suddenly realize who you are and know exactly what your purpose is or what you want to do in life because let’s face it, we will never know exactly because that IS life. But when you travel, you will think a lot. About a lot of things you wouldn’t think about at home. Whether it be about your passions, inspirations, yourself, your family and friends, work, or anything that comes to in direct contact with your thought process as you are outbound. Travel just has that kind of power to reveal a little more about who you are.. to you.

6) Discovering Our Origins
Travel is a magical experience and you will feel something that will strike a nerve of feeling… being alive when you see, live, and learn in a different country. It’s everything that makes up the world that we aren’t exposed to living in our little bubble. But once we step foot out in the big world and see just the most incredible things you only ever read about on the internet, you’ll truly experience and feel what makes up our world. The planet earth and if you think about it, it’s our home. There is something special about exploring the place we live in. And you are only really living in one TINY part of it so go out and explore more of our magical planet.