If you got a Rail pass in Europe, here the 14 cities and towns you must visit in Europe. In a month and a half I travelled to these places listed below in this exact sequential order. If you read this blog post till the end, in about 2 minutes and 15 seconds you’ll have virtually travelled to 14 places in Europe with me – LET’S GOOOOOOOO:

1) Paris, France
What You’ll Find: Exquisite baguette, every second shop is probably a cafe with amazing espresso, fur jackets, and streets filled with model looking people.

2) Bern, Switzerland
What You’ll Find: Turquoise blue lakes, the original first lindor shop, medieval looking castles all around.

3) Thun, Switzerland
What You’ll Find: quirky cool bars and cafes, huge ass swans, beers at night, a awesome view of the Alps.

4) Spiez, Switzerland
What You’ll Find: Switzerland’s most beautiful Harbour, a small cozy village, dive ducks.

5) Interlaken, Switzerland
What You’ll Find: The cleanest hostels, kite surfing, farm ranches, mountain hikes, and asian tourists.

6) Milan, Italy
What You’ll Find: A nightlife, the perfect parks for picnics, cable cars, and overpriced pasta and pizza.

7) Napoli, Italy

What You’ll Find: A trash problem but some dam good pizza you’ll probably never find as good in the world.

8) Ischia Islands, Italy

What You’ll Find: Natural Hot Spring originated by the Roman Gods, Lemon Trees everywhere, narnia looking landscapes, amazing gelato, no english being used anywhere.

9) Rome, Italy
What You’ll Find: The coolest B&B’s, gnarly flea markets with the most vintage finds for cheap, architecture that will blow your mind.

10) Cinque Terres, Italy

What You’ll Find: A calm mediterranean sea to float in, 5 mountains to hike in, a 360 panoramic view of what feels like jumping into a Instagram photo.

11) Nice, France
What You’ll Find: A boardwalk similar to Venice Beach, rocky beaches, a lighthouse to climb up to for sunset/sunrise watchers, + tourists.

12) Barcelona, Spain
What You’ll Find: Spanish music and Tapas, lively beaches, cool artsy shit in the gothic square, delicious mcdonalds ice cream.

13) Lisbon, Portugal
What You’ll Find: A Hippie Cafe (literally), Historical sites, and portuguese egg tarts sold everywhere.

14) Lagos, Portugal

Note: EU Rail goes to Fagos (a town about an hour away from Lagos) but there is also a direct bus from Lisbon to Lagos if you wanted.
What You’ll Find: Picturesque beaches 2 minutes away from your stay, caves to explore, starfishes to find (if your lucky), and millions of washed up magical shells.