1) A Scarf and Leg Warmers

In Europe, you are most likely travelling to multiple destinations. With that being said, the climate is all over the place. I’m talking about chilly nights in Switzerland, to dry days in Portugal and Spain, to cold mornings in Paris, to literally everything in Italy. It’s hard to determine what you’ll run into and a scarf and leg warmers is always a good thing to bring (esp for airports as well) when your feeling cold and need something to wrap around your body and neck. You will honestly really appreciate those cozy leg blankets around your legs on top of your leggings and using that scarf as a blanket when you forget your jacket. I literally had those two things with me at ALL times.

scarf from simons, leg warmers from Le Coffretde Rachel

2) Bambsoxs Bamboo Socks

I honestly swear by these bamboo socks that I discovered during my trip in Europe. If you are to only bring one pair of socks while travelling, hands down bring these guys. They are made with bamboo and your feet will not smell even after you’ve climbed a mountain which I did with them.

Story Time: I met a guy named Daniel as I was taking the train from Paris to Bern and during the train ride I found out he owns a family sock business! So we started talking lot about these cool socks that they sell and he gave me a pair for my trip and the rest was history! I fell in love with the socks and you guys I’m honestly not even exaggerating they are one of the best socks I own. You can even wear them 3 times in a row and they won’t smell which makes it perfect for travelling when you ain’t got time to wash them LOL. Check out Bambsox – Thanks Daniel for the fresh bamboo socks my feet will never stink again xo.

interested in buying some bamboo socks? shoot me an email at contact@freebujuly.com and I’ll see if my homie Daniel can hook you up with a good deal 😉

3) Gravol

I brought with me a whole bottle of gravol and used IT ONCE, but it was worth that one exact time it was needed. My dad will nag me constantly about bringing specific medications incase I ever needed it and I’m glad he does because when your in another country and in need of medication when your not feeling well, it can easily cost you a fortune. You really don’t want to be put in this situation and regret it.

Story time: I was in Cinque Terres and was hiking with a friend of mine for a rough 7.5 hours under the heat. My friend wasn’t feeling too good after and told me her head was spinning and didn’t know what she should do. And behold I whipped out that gravol bottle and happily gave her one. The next day she felt perfectly well and could continue on with her adventures!

4) Serengetee Backpack

I absolutely always need a extra bag with me when I’m travelling because there is no way in hell I would be lugging around my backpack backpack when I’m exploring the cities. Basically I would carry my huge back pack when I’m traveling from hostel to hostel. But once I check into my hostel, I lock up my bag and carry a smaller carrier to explore the area. For my Europe trip, I brought the Jema Drifter Backpack from Serengetee.

5) Fanny Pack

Wondering how I didn’t get robbed in Europe (known for it’s pick pocketing)? I used a fanny pack like a real g HAHA. No but honestly, these are awesome to carry your passport and money. It is literall strapped onto your tummy and you just feel a sense of ease knowing it’s on you rather then in your pocket and having to check it all the time. It’s super easy to carry and it has secured all my documentations, money, and passport safely all the way back to Canada with me.

6) Pad Lock

A pad lock for your backpack is nescessary to go with your bag because when you get to your hostel, sometimes they don’t provide lockers so it’s best to be safe to have something secure and to put your mind at ease when you leave your bag back there.

7) Notebook

A notebook is always a good idea to bring when you travel because there will be things you’ll want to write down, a memory, an idea, someone’s contact information, or what you did that day!

Story Time: I basically turned my book into a notebook half way through my Europe trip. Here is a photo of my book/notebook used for directions when I lost my phone. (brb will post up a photo of it soon just at Starbucks rn lol.)

8) Eddie Bauer 1L Water Bottle

This water bottle was honestly the most surprising item that you probably wouldn’t think would be handy. But here’s the thing, yeah a water bottle is a essential BUT THIS WATER BOTTLE FROM EDDIE BAUER, THIS WATER BOTTLE RIGHT HERE has some key features that makes it a travel essential. First of all it’s 1L which means it carry’s a good amount of water for you to be good enough to last for a couple of hours without refilling (if you don’t have access to water fountains obviously). Additionally, it has this handle bar thing on the side which makes it so easy to carry and it has a retractable straw which is a mega bonus.
note: I can’t find it on their website but it was definitely from Eddie Bauer

Story Time: During my flight from Iceland to Paris, the amount of people I see with the weak ass single water bottles which they finish in 1 gaulp all ended up having to fork up like 5 euros for another single water bottle for their flight. And guys if you do the conversion, I AM NOT DOWN at all to pay 8 bucks for a water bottle LOL. sorry my backpacker instincts just blew through the roof here.

9) Microabsorbant Towel

Alright so honestly if you are travelling anywhere at all, you need a microabsorbant towel. What are these? Basically it’s a fast dry towel that’s very thin and portable to pack. You can purchases one at MEC or some sort of camp store. Definitely worth the investment because your using it every day.

Story Time: So before taking my flight from Toronto to Iceland, I stayed in Toronto with my friend living in the city for a night before I started my Europe trip. And what I packed as a towel was one of those fluffy cotton hotel looking towels which was a TOTAL ROOKIE MISTAKE LOL and thank god my friend lent me her micro towel to borrow for my trip. Shout out to shirley, thanks girl.

10) Eagle Creeks Cube Organizer

I mentioned this nifty gadget in one of my previous posts on what I pack in my backpack which you can see here and I will probably always mention this cube as a must bring because I used it for every single one of my trips and will keep using this guy here.