Travelling is like a roller coaster. You’ll have the highs highs of course but you will also have your lows and sometimes real lows depending on how you deal with it. It’s totally completely normal to not feel good or even happy when your gone away and the worst thing you can do to yourself is putting yourself even more down for not feeling the way “you should” be feeling while travelling. We are human, emotions are human and it is completely okay.

For instance, my friends and I were having a picnic in Milan just before they headed off to the airport and it was just a beautiful time in the sun, with our cheap snacks, and just all being together and chatting. And long story short we ended up all taking little naps on the grass and once we were ready to head off my friend realized her bag wasn’t there anymore. Someone had stolen it with her passport and it we all went into panic mode and frantically all having internal heart attacks for her. And although the situation sucked, in the end she got her passport stuff figured out and life moves on! What I’m trying to say is I find that especially when your travelling in a new country, you will feel more on edge about your belongings and what not because your outside of your comfort zone and if things go wrong, it can be a million times harder to deal with it that’s foreign to you. But just know everything will get figured out and there are so much people around here in this world that are more then willing to help you out. Don’t let the little things like a lost phone or something bring you down.

For instance, last night I decided to go out with a couple of my new hostel friends in Lagos and ended up meeting a guy which we decided to go to the beach and just chill out. I put my phone in his shoe and we jumped into the water and chilled out with the stars and when we were about to head back I realized I lost my phone. I came back to the hostel super anxious and annoyed and decided I would wake up early the next morning to search for it (which I didn’t find). But while I was at the beach searching for me phone and just looking out to the ocean finding some peace of mind, I really thought about it and yes although it does suck for instance not having the time on hand with me, having a google map to get around to places while I’m lost away in Europe, or updating my social media accounts, in the end.. it really is just a phone. It’s not my health or something that is detrimental to my well being and I am grateful for that. I could sit around, lose a day being sad about a lost phone while I’m basically away in paradise, or I can change my point of view and see the up sides to my situation. Like being away from a phone for a solid week won’t kill me and I can still live my life exactly the same (maybe a bit less convenient) but still just as happy. You have the choice to choose to be happy everyday. Really it is all about the way you think about it even in the toughest situations.

LOL even my hostel friends I saw this morning for breakfast told me I looked too happy for someone that lost their phone! Anyways gunna walk around Lagos, enjoy the magical beaches created by mother nature, and live life!!!