Yes, backpackers also come across indecisiveness as well. I mean look how big the world is, it’s SO hard to choose which places to travel to while you’re on your journey because it’s understandable – every place in the world has it’s own beauty and we want to go everywhere!

I mean unless you’ve already preplanned where you are going, it’s quite easy to follow your plan. But majority of the time you might even come across new places other people end up recommending to you, or the “must see” places to visit you see all over google and word of mouth. Like when you hear people saying when you come back from your trip “Well did you visit the Colosseum??? You haven’t really experienced Rome if you hadn’t visited the Colosseum!” and then you feel like a piece of poo cause the standards of travelling seem to be layed out in some peoples minds for particular places.

And I recently came across that indecisiveness… struck between what I thought I should be doing while in Italy vs. what I really want to do in Italy. And while you’re in this mumbo jumbo of a million things rushing through your head in this completely new country, I sometimes forget I’m really here to do what makes me happy, what I want to see, what I FEEL like doing at the very moment. Don’t ruin your trip by rushing or doing things because you think you simply HAVE to do those things in order to experience a country and city. That’s not what it’s about, it’s about writing the script of your own trip and enveloping the country in your own way. Whether it’s simply just walking down a quiet street, going to a random coffee shop that catches your eye, writing in a garden filled with plants, going to a local craft market, or simply finding the inspiration in your vintage opera B&B and writing whatever is on your mind over a glass of white wine… like what I’m doing now!

me doing absolutely nothing in my friend’s backyard in Switzerland

Indecisiveness is always bound to happen when you travel. But in the end going with the current of what you feel like doing when you wake up in the morning in that particular moment is what will make you the most happy, at least that’s how I feel about it.

I hope this helps anyone that is travelling, beginning their travels, or deciding where to even start, that I really think you already know where exactly you will end up going in your heart. You’ll eventually make the right decision that’s perfect for you 🙂

Wishing Freeing and Happy Travels to you all!