Hello hello!!!

So in this post, I’m gunna break it down to you how much money I spent on my 2 week trip in LA and showing you how you can do it too for the cheapest price as possible. Please be advised that the way I go about travelling might not be what you are comfortable with doing for instance sleeping in hostels, couch surfing, etc etc. Everyone is different so if your not a rugged traveller unfortunately this blog post won’t be that useful to you. BUT for the yolo travellers, THIS ONES FOR YOU!!! super fresh tips lol.

Okay so I spent a grand total of $715 including airfare, accommodation, food, and activities. That’s around $360 PER WEEK INCLUDING EVERYTHING!!!!! DAM!!! LOL.

So how did Carrie do this? Let’s start off with airfare and transportation. I paid $415 for a roundtrip to LA and for in city transportation I only used the buses twice which is about $2 per ride. Everyone always says that in order to get around in LA you need a car, which is true to some extent, but for travellers like myself we use the cheapest type of transpo and buses aren’t as bad as what they make it seem like. To get around with Uber it’s about $10-20 which will add up fast if you’re going from place to place. I was lucky enough to have friends in LA (MY HAWAII FRIENDS THAT I MET!! REUNIONNN) and they let me crash at their place a few nights (lowered my accommodation costs) and also whenever we would go out to do things, they ended up dropping me off at the new Hostel I booked which saved me the hassle of using transpo. If you guys are reading this, I love you.

So I know my situation is different from yours if you plan on travelling to LA. If you do not have friends in LA, I would suggest couch surfing or hostels. My personal favourite Hostel is Samesun Hostel on Venice Beach, I would highly HIGHLY recommend this place you can book it through Hostel World. Very clean, welcoming, hosts run night outs, and located right on Venice Beach. A little bit of the pricer side (around $35-45 per night) which was where most of my money was spent but totally worth it. The rest of my money went towards food which I didn’t hold back on too too much. I did cook dinner at the Hostels with a convenience store the next block like Thai noodles for $2 or got some things out the Free Bin and cooked dinner!

And that’s it that’s all! Some people spend $400 on a hotel for one night, I spent $360 in LA for a week and I had a blast.