Right now I am travelling around Italy and snapped a few shots of how I go about to pack my HUGE blue backpack that’s pretty much the same size of me!!

I’ve been using a few packing tricks that have worked out pretty well for most of my backpack trips that I wanted to share. It’s always hard to figure out how to go abouts to pack your bag because you only really have a limited amount of space so you try to make whatever room you got work while being super considerate about weight because you don’t want to break your back half way across the world lol!

So start off with what’s in my backpack, I’m getting mention some good places to get some gear! I use the Eagle Creek Backpack which has been working like a gem for me on 4/4 of the trips I’ve been on and is still going strong. This bag in particular works well as a carry on, I’ve had no problems getting through the airports with it in terms of weight and size.

Inside the bag I pretty much have 4 main things that I pack within the bag. The first is a clothes organizer which I use a “cube” that basically has two compartments to store your clothes on two pockets. This can pretty much hold all your clothes (maybe in a colder climate you would have a extra hoodie or something out the cube) but yea it’s all you really need. Once I’ve filled up the cube it’s the limit I have with what I’m bringing or my bag would be way too heavy. The cube is a really good organizer for my clothes because what ends up happening is that I sort my dirty clothes in one section and the clean in the other. I know there are some backpacks out there that have a built in clothes organizer that you could consider but I’ve never personally tried that out yet!

Next I have a waterproof bag (the roots one) which I put all my shampoo, soaps, moisturizers, etc in it so I take this bag with me whenever I go to take a shower. Logic behind that is because if the soaps or anything spills it won’t leak through, WHICH HAPPENED YESTERDAY LOL LEGIT and nothing spilled through :). Within the roots bag I have my make up bag which I’ve been using this thin clothed bag that weighs like nothing and stores all my make up! So roots bags is my body, skin, and make up bag bottom underline.

Lastly I have my camera bag which you could probably skip out this part unless your a photographer. I have my canon bag which I use as my personal carry on when boarding the plane. Honestly this one is probably the most annoying thing to bring around because my camera weighs a good amount and the bag is just bulky af so it just adds so much to my overall bag. Not hating tho because my camera is practically a part of my life so I need this when I travel and I want to know it is safely protected in my bag even if it means I carry extra weight.

That’s pretty much how I set up my backpack and there are obviously some little tidbits of products that I pack as well but these are the main things.

Hope this article helped in some way of how to organize your packing! Happy travels 😀