1) Venice Beach Skate Park

Alrighty so let’s start off with hitting up Venice Beach which you have to see the classic light up Venice sign at night and their famous skate park with kids, teens, dudes, chicks, older folks, EVERYONE, just killing it at the skate park. I could honestly spend hours just watching them.

2) Beach Hopping

From Venice Beach you can walk down, bike down, long board down, roller skate down, go down down etc etc the board walk to get to Santa Monica Beach to see the Ferris Wheel and pier! Don’t forget the meat head beach Muscle Beach right attached to Venice Beach to see these huge jacked dudes just going at it with the weights if that’s what your into haha!!

You’ll also see a lot of models having photoshoots, red bull stunt athletes doing crazy things, film crews shooting movies, and surfers. Always a lot happening on the beaches.

3) An Urban Sweat Lodge, Shape House

So I was watching this Buzzfeed video (cause who doesn’t watch Buzzfeed) and two of the girls did a week challenge at a place called Shape House that apparently Selena Gomez goes to for detox and toning. And so yeah obviously that was enough to entice me to try it out myself when I went to Hollywood! The atmosphere at Shape House is like a spa, very relaxing and kind staff. To give you a simplified version of the process, you are in a heated sleeping bag for 60 minutes which you will sweat A LOT while watching your favourite shows on Netflix while drinking unlimited Alkaline water. Then after the 60 minutes you’ll go into the tea lounge for some comfy chairs, hot tea, orange slices and nuts, to chill out for a bit and rehydrate. I really enjoyed going here, it was honestly like going to a spa but also feeling like you got a work out in. And I may or may have not saw the Weeknd who was standing right beside me waiting for the washroom, I’ll leave it at that.

4) Verve Coffee

What I would recommend on the menu: $10 Flight shots. Shots in the morning anyone??
These are all healthy juice shots from organic fruit, to green veggies and spices, little added details like alkaline water and coconut water and basically it’s just jammed backed with good stuff.

FUN FACT: one of their staff members told me the pixie is the most popular shot (last shot second row) because of the colour and he’s seen a ton of girls just order this just for that IG gram shot lol! Some other exciting things to try out here and you totally won’t go wrong with is Avocado Toast and a cold brew :p

5) Shopping in Beverly Hills

I mean it’s a given that you gotta at least check out Beverly Hills if you’re in LA. Boujee Boujee Boujee Town is what I like to call it but they have some really cool boutiques and stores that they don’t have in Canada like Nasty Gal or the Dash Store!

6) Bubba Gump Shrimp

Have you seen the movie Forest Gump? Please tell me you have.
So remember the scene when Forest’s friend Bubba Gump that loves everything shrimp LOL fried shrimp, shrimp tacos, shrimp shramp shrimp, etc etc
Anyways, in LA they have the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant Forest Gump inspired AND IT’S MY FAV. Everything shrimp on the menu like you’re going to shrimp heaven after your meal, then the staff gives you Forest Gump Trivia after your meal which I sucked at.

7) The Classic Under the Bridge Photos

At every beach in LA (at least the ones I’ve been to) has a pier to take dope photos. It’s hard not to have a full on photoshoot when you have this amazing view…

8) Fast Food Chains

IN AND OUT. that’s all I’m going to say but there’s also Rally’s, Jack in The Box,
Boiling crab, The griddle cafe (breakfast), IHOP, King Taco – recommended to you by my local LA friends.

9) Wurstküche‘s Exotic Sausages

Chill out at this chill restaurant before your flight. They are known for their rattle snake hot dogs with their wide spacious dining venue, belgium fries with mouth watering sauces like chipotle or blue cheese.. YUMMM!! Grab a book, accompany your meal with a beer on the side. It was the best hour and a half of my day before heading off to the airport. A place definitely worth checking out.

10) Sunset Watching

And to close off this blog post to one of my favourite things in the whole wide world, watching the sun set on the beach in another part of the world… See ya in the next post!