So if you haven’t seen my part one in Things To Do in LA you can click here. This one is just a branch off with my own twist because the part 1 was a little too tamed. Here is a round up of some random edgy yolo things I did on my trip that is totally recommended in my books. VLOG of me on the trip is also posted and you will hear me laughing like a witch 100% of the time in the video, enjoy this post:

1) Wear a oneise jumpsuit on the Santa Monica Beach

2) If you’re hung over, spend it on Venice Beach with a dog

Bailey Love Me, Please.

3) Venice Canals on Valentines Day??

There is a secret little street that looks like a mock of the real Venice in Italy. It’s beautiful and me and this other Canadian chick I met at the hostel went for a walk and met these two LA guys on the bridge and we all just chilled out on V day as new friends.

4) Go out with the people in your Hostel!

5) Go to a Rave

You’ll soon realize everyone in LA is a DJ or at least has a active soundcloud account haha. Here is my LA’s friends friend orginal edm song Chicken Headz:

6) Day trip to Malibu and make your hike extra challenging like your doing some man vs wild shit with your friends and not take the descinated hike path.

7) Also jump into a lake in Malibu

8) Catch a lizard with your bare hands in Malibu like a savage, and name the lizard Gavin.

9) Check out Inglewood (also known as the ghetto part of LA) but there is this hill there with the chillest spot to climb up on top the trailer and look at the cityline.

10) Do the Hollywood Sign Hike the total opposite way in the mist.