Hello peoples!

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions (lol jk just 2 but still) on what camera I use for my photos on my blog and Instagram. Okay so let me just start off by telling you about my first camera which was the Canon Rebel T3i because Jenn Im said she was using that camera in one of her Youtube videos so I’m like I’m gunna get a Canon Rebel T3i too… like a re-run of that scene in Mean Girls hope you got that reference.

I purchased this camera at Best Buy which came in a package set with the body and lenses 18-55mm for around $600. This was during the time I was just trying out photography for fun and it ended up turning into equipment for my blog so it just ended up working out for me!! If you are starting out and on a budget I would recommend using a older version of canon or nikon model you had in mind because they are easy DSLR cameras to use. For instance purchasing the T3i right now should be a lot cheaper because of all the new models that have already come out, I swear they probably release a new model every year! The T3i is a great camera to start out with, so it’s a good choice to think about but always remember to do your research on what fits best with your needs. Because I started off using Canon, it’s sort of like a habit to continuously keep using the same brand since I’m use to how it works in my hands.

mirror selfie w/ Canon T3i because it’s the only pics you’ll see me rocking the cam hold

So long story short on why I upgraded my camera equipment, I brought my T3i to Hawaii and I brought it on every single crazy hiking trip I had or when I was by the ocean ledges and my camera ended up getting water damage by the end of my trip (no regrets tho). I then went ahead and bought the Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR which came with two lenses; the 18-55mm and the 55-250mm which I haven’t used yet cause I’m too scared to bring that one with me backpacking but will start using for photoshoots around my area. That came to about 1G but totally worth the investment for me because I know I use it everyday and it’s what I love to do. Comparing the T6i to the T3i, the camera is a lot smoother to shoot with. I found my pictures turned out a lot more like real life with the T6i… sort of like you feel like you are in the picture type deal which I love the quality of it. I don’t use any sort of photoshop or lightroom on my photos, to be honest I love the way it looks originally and the most I will do with them is edit on vsco the app if I wanted to throw on some easy edits or filter to enhance the feel of the photo without taking too much away from the quality.


Canon T3i – Hawaii + Flatlay

Canon T6i – Venice Beach + Flatlay

I want to be clear on this though, you DO NOT need a professional camera in order to take high quality photos. There are so many factors that comes into play when taking nice pictures. The lighting, the eyes of the person behind the lenses, the angeles, the creativity, the story behind the photo… it’s endless. You don’t need the best equipment to take the best pictures, I can say that for sure. I am in no shape or form a professional photographer, and I’m serious, I shoot in automatic a good amount of times too. For me, the other factors that captures the photo is what makes the picture stand out, not the type of equipment.

So if you are looking to get into photography, blogging, or whatever you’re passionate on doing with a camera, don’t be so enticed to buy the highest priced equipment to take the best pictures! You’ll be surprised on what a “shitty” camera can do, it’s as long as you got the eye for it to make it work, your photos will turn out magical.