In today’s post inspired by all the travellers heading out for March Break, terra20 and I teamed up on a skincare travel essentials post to provide my personal favourites allowing my skin to be as healthy as it can be while I’m on the other side of the world! I’ve made the mistake in my previous trips not bringing the right skincare products which ended up with me coming back home scrambling to get my skin back to healthy conditions, but for my upcoming trip to Europe I won’t be making the same mistake twice!

The Sunscreen Breakdown

Your health is much more important then a temporary tan. Sunscreen is my number 1 product I have to bring with me on my trip. I would make extra room in my bag to carry double of a good sunscreen that I can trust because I use this on my face every. single. day!

For my face and neck, I like to use CyberDERM’s H2O Hydration as my moisturizer before my cleanse which I top off with the Simply Zinc Sun Whip SPF 30. I’ve been using this product for over a year now and it was done wonders for my skin and changed the way I’ve always viewed sunscreen as a kid with it’s stereotypical white casts and thick formulated cream annoyance. It feels like a luxury to be putting this Sun Whip on, a step in my morning routine I love doing! Thinksport is a newer brand I recently discovered also formulated with Zinc Oxide which is also a plus. I would use Thinksport as my choice for a body sunscreen with an option to get it’s baby sized mineral stick perfect to carry with you anywhere. The Simply Zinc has a more mattifying finish which I prefer on my face but over all both sunscreens are great options to consider and both are rated extremely well on EWG, a great resource to check out.

Body and Skin (pocket friendly!)

Being on the airplane or airport for what seems like a endless amount of time can really take a toll on your body. Switching to different climate zones, feeling jet-legged, you’re excited but also tired at the same time and you’re skin is showing it, I totally get it!

So what’s in my handbag I have on with me by my side everywhere I go?

1. The Juicy Bamboo box-to-go travelling cloths to remove any sweat, makeup, cleanse my face removing excess oil, or to simply freshen up my face which are pre packed for travel friendly single uses. I store the box in my backpack and always have a cloth packet in my carry-on bag.

2. A mini natural deodorant from Schmidt’s line has a diverse selection of formulas, sizes, and scents to choose from! The Lavender & Sage in stick version is great for the everyday and on the go purposes to pop in your bag. While the Ylang Ylang Calendula Cream Deodorant on the other hand is a better alternative if you tend to perspire more and want that extra full all-day odor coverage and wetness protection! I would personally use the cream especially when I’m doing physical activities like hiking. Both products are fast absorbing, conceals the odor extremely well, and pocket sized for convenience!

Shower + Towel

Whether I’m back home in Ottawa or travelling in another country, I always value my shower time!! What I’ll be packing to Europe is a couple products from the Fragrance Free Ecobar line including (all travel sized and 76ml each): shampoo, conditioner, body wash and cream. A great thing about these products are that they are made with natural plant based ingredients and refillable at terra20 contributing to a cleaner environment! Fun Fact: Did you know France is the world’s first nation to ban Plasticware??

Saaboon’s natural soaps are also a really great option to bring as well if you prefer bar soaps which you could cut the bar into small pieces to pack with you!

I also always bring my own towel with me when I’m travelling because I personally prefer to use my own rather then the hotels or hostels. I’ll be bringing the glo Demin Stripe Towel Sheet made with 100% organic cotton and environmentally friendly to wash and dry! This is amazing to hear about a product because a lot of times on my trips I end up spontaneously camping and I would wash my towel in the water.

To end things off, a golden rule for a traveller is to always pack light. But there is always room for the most important day to day items that you know you’ll be using so I make sure I leave space for the essentials even if it means putting away that additional cute top (that you might not even get around to wearing!) for the everyday items.

Hosting a giveaway to win a $50 terra20 gift card and a skincare set from CyberDERM on my instagram account @carrieproject. To enter, you must be a local Ottawa resident, be following my account, and tagging your favourite travel IG account! Winner will be chosen on March. 17th at noon.