I received the following question of “You’ve been killing it with social media so I need to keep up!! How are you getting so many likes per post – so sweet!! Is it the #? Pls share! ”

First off, I’m very flattered that some people think I’m smashing it with the IG likes because well… I’m just a weirdo girl behind a canon camera taking pics I like and adding weird captions to them on Insta! And I guess that’s the secret recipe – HAHA just kidding, there’s a bit more to it but I’m going to share some tips on how I get engagement on social media.

With my personal account @carrieproject, I started with merely 7 followers and barely 2.5 likes on each picture about a year and a half ago. I have accumulated the number of followers I have on it from bottom up and can proudly sing started from the bottom now we here by Drake and now I want to share how I did it so we can all rap Drake together. I wanna set one thing straight before jumping into my tips, please don’t be obsessed with the number. At the end of the day, it’s just a number and to me yes it looks good as a business, blogger, influencer, or whatever – but once you become overly obsessed with the number, you will lose the meaning and foundation of what your brand truly means. It’s about inspiration, community, love, and passion. Don’t forget.

Alrighty pep talk over, on to the tips:

1.Be consistent

You definitely want to be AS consistent as possible with your posting on social media. Think of it as building blocks, one post a day and you are contributing to your platform to work towards what you visualize it to becoming. When I first started I would get 10 likes or so for each picture. Don’t let the low number of likes when you first start off put you down. WE ALL START THERE. Face the fact that the results aren’t going to happen overnight, it is able persistence and consistency. Keep at it with strong content and a brand direction and you will see your platform grow.

2. Engage and follow other people

In order to build a good loyal following on your account, be loyal to other accounts you follow as well! Share the social media love, and you will receive the social media love. Follow the accounts you want to interact with, that resonates with your type of direction with your platform, and engage with them; like, comment and share some of your personality with the comments you put into them!

3. Bless the Captions.

I know you are thinking, there are A TON of accounts doing the same thing, why would mine be different? What makes you different, is being you. Sure, maybe millions of people are posting great visuals and content that are so similar you probably couldn’t tell one photo from another, but thanks to captions this will set you apart from others. You are personally writing the story of each photo posted. And do it with your personality because that is the greatest tool you have to differentiate yourself.

4. #######

So hashtags are a big part on getting your account to show up on what you think other people would search up. Do some research on popular and trending hashtags that people are using, and use only the ones that goes with your account. For instance a health + wellness company could be hashtagging #wellness #food #healthylifestyle, a blogger with #bbloggers #blog #canadianblogger #beauty, a travel and tourism company #travelgram #travelphotography #tourism. You get the drill.

5. Tagging other accounts on your photo

Before sharing your photo, if you tag a couple accounts, it will show up on that other accounts tagged photos. So for instance if you wanted to maximize the views and potential clicks on your travel photography, you would tag big accounts such as @tripadviser @travelandleisure @beautifuldestinations and so on.

6. Attractive x Exciting Content AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

The hashtags, tagging, captions, will only take you so far. But what’s important is the quality of the photo you are promoting. An attractive IG account has a feed that blends in all their photos together to push out a overall theme, or vibe is what I like to call it. Each photo you are pushing out needs to be as strong as the last one. Whether it’s a product shot, a travel destination, food photography, a online boho fashion boutique, the way you photograph your photo’s needs to be visually appealing cause that’s what Instagram is all about! Photo’s that tell a story. And if you are bored posting up that photo you are about to share, chances are, your followers will be bored of it as well. Make sure you are pumped about the pic before you go to share it!!

6. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ENJOY posting! Or don’t do it lol.

Most importantly is to enjoy doing the social media because people can definitely feel it on the other end when you post + caption something you love with your own personality to it!! Passion can be seen my friends, even if it’s through the screen. If you don’t enjoy doing it and you are a business, pass it onto a PR agency or Social Media Marketing Freelancer (cough cough ME!) who’ll enjoy every second curating content and posting 🙂

Check out my other website freebyjuly for all blog posts related to social media, marketing, and blogging work. I’m always happy to answer your questions and to shed some light to people that are starting out with marketing work. If you are a business interested in my bomb media skills (hehe), you can send me a email at contact@freebyjuly.com, PEACE!