OK wait so before reading this post, just know I want to say, GIRLS!!! YOU DO NOT have to remove the hair on your bodies if y’all don’t want to. It’s a free dam world, having hair on your body is completely normal and if someone says otherwise you can tell them to go eat a cactus with their nose. This is a post just a review of products I use for hair removal because personal preference wise I don’t like the feeling of having hairy pits BECAUSE THEY MAKE MY ARMPITS STINK ok I got that out lol. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they have to remove their body hair in order to be “beautiful” or having to confine to societies standards of beauty. Do your own thang girl.

Okay so now I’m gunna get into the post, so for hair removal products I use a variety of things for different spots on my body because the hair varies in thickness or sensitivity so some products are better then others depending on your hair type/growth. I don’t ever use a razor because I find that just makes my hair grow faster and thicker. The only time I would use a razor is if I was really desperate to use it but that hardly ever happens. Okay so heres the breakdown:

Leg Hair

My leg hairs are the easiest to do because I find them the thinest. I have been using the hair removal creams for as long as I can remember and I’m sticking to them! I use Veets hair removal cream which comes in different formulas with specific properties like sensitive skin, more moisturizing, inshower ones etc. I just use the original and apply the cream onto my legs, wait 5 minutes, then wash it off. It’s so easy to use and it I find it doesn’t make my leg hairs grow longer, thicker, and faster which is the key thing. I only really use it like maybe once every month in the summer and that’s about it. Now I will say that it has a weird smell to the product that I’ve heard some of my friends say they can’t stand but for me I don’t have a huge problem with the smell. If you can get by the smell, it’s a awesome hair removal product.

Follow up with a hair inhibitor cream to slow the process of your hair which I’ve recently started using Completely Bare‘s lemon and green tea scented cream after my leg hair removal.

Pit hair

lol omg so for my armpits, they are honestly the most annoying to remove UGHHHHH. They grow much faster then my leg hair and it’s even move annoying because once my pit hairs grow to a certain length they start to make my armpits more sweaty then usual which I hate. So what I use for that is something called a epilador. No it’s not some new form of a viberator lmfao it’s literally like this small machine thing that has 100 tweezers in them that powers on and removes all your hair. So for the epilador, it only really works on hair that is decently thick. Like no way I would be able to use it on my leg hair because it’s pretty thin on my body, it would just break the hair in hair which is equivalent to shaving. The epilador pulls the hair right from the root and yes hurts like a lil b*tch but works like magic!

Bikini Line

I’ve heard a lot of my friends tell me they shave for this area, and I’ve tried before but nah nope no. It’s not for me lol. I can’t stand having ingrown hair or prickly little nubs poking out, I dunno if I just naturally suck at shaving but it doesn’t work for me. So for my Bikini line, I’ve tried EVERYTHING above for this area but what works best would be waxing. I used this Nairs at home wax kit which showed the best results out of all the other products for this area. I know getting your Bikini line waxed at salons can cost a fortune esp if your hair grows back fast. I would recommend using this but you do need high pain tolerence for it cause it hurts for like that 1 second when your pulling it off!!

Dem Brows

And lastly for eyebrows I use Tweezerman’s Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers. But I can’t just give the credit to these tweezers for making my eyebrows look good. My sister has been doing my eyebrows for as long as I can remember and she’s just amazing at it transforming my Buddha Caterpillar eyebrows to what they look like now. Real bless up in the brow department from my sissy boo boo. But yeah I use the tweezer to touch up after she helps me shape them about once a month!

my sister’s brow pin point selfie