1) Girl Boss by Nasty Gal

This is a book I read in Kauai and it was definitely a good read. It’s like a combination of her back story on how she started Nasty Gal plus business tips for girl bosses out there looking to start their own business from interview tips to perspectives on hiring and firing all written in Nasty Gal’s quirky writing style. She is so down to earth talking and humble, it’s a amazing real life story and she is just super relatable like she’s your friend when you’re reading Girl Boss. After reading this book you’ll feel a blast of ambition to start your own business.

2) P.S I Still Love You

This is a light hearted book that just completely fills your heart with cuteness overload of the story of Lara Jean and her teenage love life. Honestly I was incredibly surprised that Lara Jean is of asian ethnicity because this was the first novel I’ve read, especially when it comes to romance novels that I’m obsessed with, that the girl lead is asian. Now that I go to think about it, it’s sort of sad that I’m surprised by this, there should be more diversity in female leads in books!!

Anyways, I love that although this book is a romance based novel, it also runs through heritage and culture through a asian girl which I can totally relate to. It’s a really cute high school romance type novel that you won’t be able to put down!

3) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I’m actually only half way done this book because it’s more of a intellectual read I go through these types of books slower then goofy writing styled stories. But nontheless, this book is just as good in it’s own way. It really makes you think about yourself, perspectives on life, and ultimately a reminder on some tips you can use to apply to your life to better yourself and your work to strengthen your overall life. It’s a good book to really just take in every word, even re reading some parts because you want to really wrap your mind around some of the context. It’s a good book for motivation, entrepreneurs, or just anyone that a good self help read book!

4) One Day

This is my all time favourite book.. the types of book that when they end you’ll regret not reading slower to savour every single page right till the last word. The type of book that will leave you feeling like you’re in someone else’s life, another world, with twists and turns keeping you thinking yet not at the same time when a love story unfolds and all you can feel is a brewing romance between two people brought together by their history, personality, fate, and timing. Written in two perspectives, Emma and Dexter, with each chapter occurring in a difference year, back and fourth. DAM, can’t believe I just wrote all that ^ should be the summary on the back of this book lol not sponsored at all btw.

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5) Me After You

I didn’t read the first book “Me Before You” but I did see the move so I knew enough to understand what was going on in the second book. I found this book in one of the Hostel Book Shelves in LA and started reading it and kinda feel in love. You’ll find yourself relating to Lou in different ways, you’ll cry with her, laugh with her, and feel all the emotions with what she’s going through. This book isn’t just about romance (though there is a bit), it interwines a deep story with twists keeping you wondering what exactly is going to happen.