Ottawa is honestly a very small city but I’ve seen it grown so much within the past few years. So I’m excited to be writing about my home town because I do get that tourism in another place would be so exciting for other people. And so, because I do have the knowledge of what it’s like to live here, I want to share as much as I can right here on my blog!

So for those of you looking for a nice restaurant to eat in Ottawa here it it is in a blog post for you! SOCIAL is a trendy restaurant located in the heart of downtown Ottawa making it a perfect location whether you are just travelling around the area or if you’re a local knowing all to well the Byward Market is the busiest and most festive place to be in Ottawa.

My sister and I had brunch there on the weekend and ordered some mimosas (which I downed unashamedly) and a couple other dishes that I would totally recommend. First off, the Bagel & Lox which is a Montreal style bagel topped with smoked salmon, caper ricotta, and pickled onion. I use to eat this all the time when I worked at camp and it’s instantly one of my favourite things to eat for lunch.

The Tuna complimentary with avocado cream and crispy daikon radish which ended up being my favourite dish of all because I love raw fish like sushi so if you’re a seafood lover I would highly recommend this. And we also ordered the Beet Brined Trout, as you can tell I love seafood, and the kabocha sauce (the yellow you see in the photo) tasted SO good with the trout. So much flavours in this dish for the spontaneous eaters. And lastly for dessert, we had a chocolate cake which was my sisters favourite of everything because she’s a HUGE dessert lover. I would definitely recommend to split your dishes with whomever you’re going with so you can a taste a bit of everything!

The elegant atmosphere is a really good place for a date, with family, brunch with friends with it’s beautiful set up. The food is so beautifully plated perfect for all you IG grammers. Look at me here having a whole photoshoot with my food! hahah!

If you are interested in hitting up their restaurant or to check out their menu, give it a go right here! Enjoy & Bon appetite šŸ™‚