Ever since coming back from Hawaii, I’ve been obsessed with rings. I use to never care for them but I completely did a 180 and now I always have 3 rings on my hands and one on my foot without ever taking them off. How I got my inspiration to permentantly wear rings is through my friend Rachel whom I met while backpacking and I remember one of the things I instantly noticed about her was her boho styled rings she would wear all the time with her moon tattoo on her fingers and she just looked so cool!!! So I went to some local shops around Hawaii and picked up some rings for around $10 each and haven’t taken them off since. Except one of them that I really liked which was this blue stoned one that you can see here broke recently and my fingers felt totally empty and naked:

old ring before it broke

new ring from Mejuri!!

And here is when I get into the good stuff guys. I discovered a Canadian jewelry company called Mejuri that sells the most beautiful handcrafted pieces with different gemstones and diamonds going from modern to classic all the way around to boho and edgy. They have a diverse range of jewelry pieces, something for everyone. And well for me, it was this Turquoise Pop Ring that looks really similar to style from the one I got in Hawaii but the quality definitely is drastically better. I haven’t noticed any sort of rusting on the gold chain or staining on my fingers (which is what I typically get from cheap rings I buy) because it is made with such quality material.. this one is made out of 14K solid gold.

The vibrant aqua blue stone is my favourite colour and it reminds me of the ocean. I find that it just really compliments with my personality and style . This is what I love abut it. It’s my everyday essential accessory because I have in on my hand 24/7 and it makes me feel like it grounds who I am by representing my true style. Even if I were to wear a plain tee shirt, just having this ring on my finger makes all my outfits feel put together and showcases.. me!

For me when it comes to jewelry, I rather have a couple of really good ones that I know I’ll actually wear all the time and their good quality so they last long oppose to a huge jewelry collection with pieces rusting in a box that could potentially be thrown out after a week.

As long as I have my rings and chokers, I’m a happy camper 🙂 This is my current favourite accessory which I’m never taking off. Random interesting fact about Mejuri, they also partnered up with Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters and she’s like my YouTube idol so I felt kinda cool wearing from a company that represents her. You can check out her pieces from Mejuri as well, they are simple and elegant pieces if you don’t resonate with the boho gypsy vibe I got going on over here! Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging you get when you receive your hand crafted accessory from Mejuri shipped to your door *major heart eyes* *never throws out the box or ribbon*

What are your favourite jewelry pieces? Hope you enjoyed this post and see you in the next!