Travelling can be cheap. Trust me. Besides your flight ticket that will cost probably the most of your whole trip, you can save incredible amounts of money be being strategic on where exactly your spending your mula. When your travelling the most costly thing you can spend your money on is accommodation, then food and water, then extra activities you want to do. Once you master saving on these three things, you’ll realize travelling is pretty cheap after all.

1) Stay in Hostels

A night at a hotel can cost you probably a minimum of $100 per night compared to a hostel which will give you a price range from $15-40 per night. The price varies depending on where in the world your travelling to, how high class of a hostel your looking at, and if it’s a private or dorm style bunks. You can take advantage of the free breakfast that is sometimes included with your stay too! All you can eat Pancakes are pretty awesome.

2) Camp

If you got camping gear, all you really need to pay for is the permit which is typically way cheaper then your hostel/hotel cost. You save the money in your pocket, and you get to have the experience of being outside in nature with the best sunset and sunrise views, can’t get any better!

views from camp grounds at Ke’e Beach Kauai

3) Grocery Shop for your own Food

A major factor to saving money while you travel is budgeting the amount of money you spend on food. The cost of paying for groceries is probably half of the amount of what you would of paid for if you were to dine out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The great thing about shopping for groceries is that it doesn’t only just make you one meal, you will most likely have tons of left overs for you to smash together another meal for the next day or two.

You can even grocery shop with a couple friends, split the costs, and cook a warm meal together! Personally for me, I would hands down choose to do this then to dine out.

that time I made my own poke bowl

Also usually at the Hostels they have this Free Bin where travellers leave their left over groceries that they couldn’t finish because they can’t take it with them or it would most likely go bad. It sounds gross BUT it’s really clean for real. Like legit guys someone left half a block of cheese in the hostel in LA and it was the best thing ever. I ate the whole thing in less than 1 hour 🙂 then I made Spaghetti!!!

4) Use Fountain Water instead of Bottled

This might be a weird tip but it will save you a couple bucks here and there which will add up. If your staying in a area that has mandatory water fountains such as around the beaches, you could just stock up on water. Water is not cheap if your planning on loading up on purchased bottled waters. But if your staying near parks, beaches, hiking spots, you can stock up on water at there mandatory water fountains instead of buying.

5) Hitch Hiking

If your using public transportation as your way of getting around, it can cost you about $10 or so for a day. Hitch hiking is free, you get to ride in the back of truck which can be taken off your bucket list, and you get to share some amazing conversations. And of course just always remember to be smart and safe when hitching hiking. If you do that, you’ll always bound to have great experience hitch hiking.

hitch hiking in a truck that has lawn chairs in the back

6) Sleep in your Rented Car

You can save a lot of money by doing this. If you and a couple friends have a rented car, you can split the cost which covers your transportation costs and hostel money if you decide to camp out in your car. Find a safe place to park, drape some towels over your windows so outsiders can’t peer through, and sleep! Honestly, it’s pretty comfy. I slept like a baby with a airplane pillow and my legs up on the top.

gang gang gang