1) Never take your health for granted

Sometimes I feel invincible when I’m travelling like when I’m on top of a that mountain from a 5 hour hike, being so close to the edge of cliffs but loving every second of it. But what I learnt is that I do need to be cautious of my well being sometimes even when I’m doing crazy shit. Because if you’re not careful and in that split second, something terrible could happen to you. SO do those crazy things but also be careful haha!

I hurt my wrist from carrying my overly heavy backpack for an hour…

2) Don’t compare your trips

The mistake I had was comparing my Hawaii trip to Mexico and no two places in the world can be put side by side and compared to. Every place has it’s own type of beauty and the moment you try to compare the things you liked from one place and try to find it in another, it’s going to disappoint you because it’s NOT the same. And that’s the beauty in it. Yes, some trips and places you may like better then others, but with every place you will learn and experience something new and different.

Travel really is the only thing that will always make you richer.

3) Bring a filtered water bottle device

If you’re backpacking, water is like the first thing that comes to mind when I’m trying to budget. Because that is THE one thing I know I’ll 100% need and unfortunately not all places you go to will have clean fountain water. So to be sure, I think bringing some sort of device that allows you to filter tap water or something will be super useful. Someone sponsor me plz lol.

4) Don’t go to tourist beaches

This one is more of a personal preference sort of deal so it really depends on what you like/ don’t like. For me, I HATE TOURISTY BEACHES. So flippin crowded, no places to lay down and sit, hearing a million conversations all at once when you’re trying to have some peace… it just takes away from the whole beauty of the beach in my opinion. In Mexico, I literally only went to the main Playa beach once and never went back because it was not enjoyable. I asked theses locals where I could find a quiet beach and found one about 30 min walk from the main road and it’s a million times better. I can’t believe people actually pay 1000 dollars to sit on a crowded beach U CRAZYYYYYY. Aint bout it.

5) Downloading a language app will be handy or Here App

If you know you are going to a destination where English might not be common, download a language app because it will help you get around. Here App is also a life saver when you don’t wanna use that data and need to get around to places. TBH you will survive without both (like me) but if you want to make your life a little bit easier when you’re there, just download them it will take 2 seconds. Knowing me though, I’ll probably end up being too lazy to do it and just winging it lol.

6) Bargaining!!! Be smart when buying things.

Always ask more then one place or person before purchasing something so you know a bench mark price so your not getting ripped off. Never ever buy something from the first vendor you see. Tell them you’ll be back and most likely they will even lower their prices more to keep you. I got my full head braided for 100 pesos and they were advertising it for 500 pesos 😀 #whattadeal

7) Don’t use your credit card

Try to not use your credit card that much in Mexico. It’s a pain in the ass to deal with credit card situations in another country, you are unfortunately at a disadvantage. For instance, I purchased my tickets to DJ Fest online with my card and when I got to the booth to pick up my tickets I forgot my ID (whoops lol) so they told me they would refund the amount to my card and charge it under my sisters. And when I got back to Canada I had to deal with this whole refund bs that was super confusing because everything was written in Spanish. ON A GOOD NOTE DJ Fest was amazing and worth it. Here is a pic with another Canadian friend we met + me swaggin in his bucket hat:

8) Appreciate the little things in life

I appreciate the little moments of interactions I got to have with the kids in Mexico, they were so sweet and cute. Just playing with them, and talking to them even though we both couldn’t understand each other is such a heart warming thing. Also had another interaction with a stray dog in Mexico that I wanted to adopt. I appreciate and am thankful for all the amazing travellers I’ve met along the way. There’s just so much little amazing moments that don’t cost you a single dollar and is the memories that mean the most to me..

9) Cenotes and Bike rides are a must do thing

GO rent a bike, ride it for 30 minutes on a highway where you legs are super sore and you don’t know when the hell you’ll make it to that Cenote. Then when you get there, jump into that fresh water and be a happy fish loving life. Tip of the week from me.

10) Pack some meds and bandaids

Again with me feeling like a savage super women when I travel… I don’t bring meds or bandaids which I know I should. My dad grills me for not bringing them because healthcare slash medicine costs a fortune if you get sick in another country. So I gotta start bringing them, I know. I’m still a savage super women though.

Additional Notes for this post: The clubs in Playa Del Carmen are bumpin’ (12th and 4th ave.), Mexico is a lot safer then you think, Hostels are cheap and have open bars (my fav hostel is Lobo Del Mar)… even breakfast in Mexico is a luxury, always get street tacos, sleep at the beach at night without any valuables is always a good idea, and lastly foam parties till 4am!!