Coming back from Mexico my skin felt disastrous. I mean I’m a sweaty person to begin with but being in Mexico I was literally drenched in sweat everyday and my skin was not liking it.

One of my friends that is currently backpacking in Mexico right now even warned me to pack really good skincare products while I’m there and for some reason I was just like nah, I ain’t bringing my good stuff I’ll just use a bar soap or something. WORST IDEA EVER LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES LOL. I mean in some places you travel to (depending on the weather and your skin type), a bar soap can be okay. But in Mexico for me and my sister AND my friend Mel, our skin was breaking out like no tomorrow.

So coming back from from my trip, I took extra good care of my skin to get it back into the routine of being treated properly. Keep in mind I’m also coming back to Canadian Winters from Mexico so it was like my skin was bad then got confused but now it’s all good because I started using Derma MD. to help me through this.

Currently I’m using three of their products that have been helping me a lot.

1) Intense Soy Moisturizer

So remember when I came back from Hawaii and I was talking about gnarly bug bite scars? Well I thought that was bad but Mexico got me like X.X
My legs are really bad with bug bite scarring right now and also super dry from this weather change. I’m using this Intensive Cream to help moisturize my skin in conjunction with The Body Shop Hemp Rescue Balm to double team on my legs. I find that these two products work really well in rough and dry skin giving that relief and restoration my skin needs.

2) Kiwi Grapefruit Toner

My nightly toner that I’m using now is Derma MD. Kiwi Grapefruit Toner that is non-alchol formulated which is really important because that won’t dry out my skin or strip my skin away from it’s natural oils. I use this every night on a cotton pad after my facial cleanser. It helps to replenish and hydrate my skin.

3) Avocado & Pumpkin Mask

The one thing my sister and I were craving once we got back home from the airport was to put on a mask. And that was exactly what we did when we got home. I’ve been using this mask since Fall which I loved because of the whole pumpkin spice craze we all get hypnotized with when the leaves start falling off. So in the fall I was so hype to use this but besides the fact that it’s a pumpkin mask, it’s also a great mask. It gently exfoliates the dead skin cells and with the Avocado Oil used in their formula that adds in more moisture keeping the skin more hydrated. It’s a light weight mask jam packed with antio oxidants which is what you want your skin to have from the environmental damage your skin can build up with… especially when your travelling it’s prone to happen. Nothing like a pick me up mask after my travels, it’s always what me and my skin look forward to once I’m back home. Side bonus…this mask smells AMAZING!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I also wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I’ve got great things planned for Carrie Project this year and I’m excited to see what’s in store for 2017. As for the beauty section for Carrie Project, I’m always on the hunt to share with you guys healthy skincare products in the market. Now that I’m travelling more often, beauty products that cater to travel is also on my list 🙂 See you all in my next post xx