Hola Amigos! I recently just got back from my Mexico trip and wanted to share with you guys what I pack with me for make up when I travel. I originally don’t really have a huge make up bag as long as I have my main key products such as highlighter, bronzer, a bit of eyeshadow, and my eye brow pencil then I’m pretty much set. For my trip to Mexico I brought my Faerie Organic make up which is a mineral based make up brand I love using. Mineral based make up doesn’t make my skin break out as much in my opinion and I just prefer to use products that I know are safe on my skin and used around my eyes. So here are my top picks for what I personally bring on my trips:

1) Faerie Organic Kabuki Brush and Bronzer

Bronzer is a MUST in my make up routine because of my naturally shaped pale egg head, it’s a essential in my every day look when I feel like wearing make up. A kabuki brush can be used for your powder but I like bringing this along with me as both my SPF loose powder brush and my bronzer brush. It’s small in size making it so much better to bring while travelling instead of bringing your whole make up kits that would probably take up half your luggage (like what my sister does haha). For my bronzer colour, I’m using the Mid Summer Bronzer from Faerie Organic which came in a small sample jar that I use for eye shadow too!

2) Faerie Organic Glow Illuminator

Highlight always gotta be poppin for me so what I’ve been using before my trips is the Glow Illuminator from Faerie Organic which is a pot creme highlighter where you can rub the amount of product you want on your fingers for application. Because I already loved this product to begin with, I wanted to see if it would work out with me while traveling. The product itself with stood humidity in Mexico, didn’t melt or anything (thank god). I love the natural glow it gives off like the perfect summer shine when I’m in the sunlight!! I use this on my cheekbones, under the arch of my eye brows, and the bridge of my nose.

3) Faerie Organic Eye Shadow

Lastly for a bit of colour on my lids, I like using the mineral eye shadow shade “earth child” all over my lids. It’s a very neutral colour you can’t go wrong with. It’s also very buildable so for instance during the day I would just quickly apply a bit before I head out and if I were to go out at night I would just add on more product for a smokey eye look. And obviously small samples are the best when travelling too!

All these products are extremely travel friendly, are mineral based and natural, and lastly they are the key products I use in my make up routine because less is better in my case. So there it is, what I use on my face when I’m packing on trips! If you wanna see what else Faerie Organic has in their make up collection take a look here. See ya in my next post xx