1) La Cueva Del Chango

Located right in front of the Playa Del Carmen Beach is a La Cueva Del Chango, a quirky and jungle styled themed restaurant serving authentic Mexican Food. With knowledgeable staff instantly knowing what to recommend on their specialized menu only sold exclusively at their restaurant, your bound to just be experiencing ordinary food. Be taken on a food adventure in Mexico. with La Cueva Del Chango’s Shrimp and oaxaca cheese taco with cream epazote and xcatic chili, homemade Chicken “mole” served with rice and beans, and some Mexican homemade flan with natural vanilla and orange sauce. La Cueva Del Chango specializes in creating authentic Mexican food and really concentrating on specialized sauces made in house to eat complimentary to their dishes.

2) Chez Céline

French Cuisine within the main strip of Playa Del Carmen offering a selection for breakfast, lunch, and after 4pm menu’s specializing in pastries, desserts, sandwiches, baguette bread, salads, and more! Made with natural ingredients, Chez Céline prides themselves in only providing only fresh ingredients to be used in their menu. The dynamic duo husband and wife originally from France have a huge passion for food and bakery which is seen in through Chez Céline.

With a outdoor and indoor seating area including charming french music to go with your meal, this restaurant is very welcoming with accommodating staff to make sure your time at Chez Céline is well enjoyed. Situated one block away from the beach, makes for the perfect spot to head to when you want to grab a bite to eat. Taking convenience to the next level, you can also order to go food and on the go pastries and dessert to take with you.

3) Chou Chou Café

A modern hippie restaurant that specializes in serving healthy breakfast, lunch, and dessert using the freshest ingredients while ensuring they are sourcing ethically from the environment. This family owned business makes it their mission to provide a fresh spin on a variety of coffee beverages, sandwiches, tarts, and much more ensuring they are providing a diverse menu.

Cafe Chou Chou is known as one of the best restaurants in Playa Del Carmen with affordable prices while knowing you are getting the best food in town. Plate presentation is crafted beautifully and it definitely tastes just as good as it looks. Vegan options are well known here.

This cafe has a open balcony for outdoor seating and a indoor seating with multiple sets of antique styled wooden tables and a couch area for extra comfort. One of my top recommended Cafes in Playa Del Carmen with a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like your at home. You won’t mind staying at this cafe for a couple extra hours.

4) Ah Cacao Chocolate Café

Ah Cacao was founded in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2004 to offer you natural well-being with fine flavor cacao (chocolate), coffee and vanilla, all direct from the plantations. The majority of our products are produced by hand in our solar-powered chocolate workshop in Playa del Carmen in the Mexican Caribbean.

Offering a selection of coffee, beverages, desserts, and brunch in their various locations in Mexico. With two seating areas outdoors to relax in shaded seating in the sun or a air conditioned indoor seating with outlets making it very convenient to stop by and surf the net with your lap top. Ah Cacao staff are also very welcoming and accommodating making it a great overall experience. Whether your looking for a place to hang out with friends to catch up over brunch, want a safe place to do work with complimentary wifi or you just simply want to enjoy a great cup of coffee, Ah Cacao is the place for you.

Coffee products are also sold in stores to be purchased.

5) Cozumel Chef Food Tours

Take your taste buds for a tour! Welcome to Playa del Carmen and Cozumel Chef’s Food Tour of Mexican cuisine in Playa. Mexican cuisine is known for its varied flavors, vibrant colors & variety of spices & ingredients. The cuisine is a blend of indigenous (Mayan/ Aztec) & European elements (mainly Spanish) and among the busy streets of Playa (away from the tourist path of 5th Avenue) you will be sure to find it all! On our food tour you will get an opportunity to taste a variety dishes, ranging from traditional street fare to the regional cuisine of the Yucatán. Warm tortillas, sizzling meats, spicy salsas & more await you!

Experience the top authentic food spots in Playa Del Carmen with a local tourist guide to bring you on a fun 2 hour food tour. Hitting up hidden gems of Mexican Restaurants, you will be able to eat like a local and experience true Mexican Cuisine.

The ultimate Food Tour perfect to discover new foods, exploring around Play Del Carmen while learning about the Mexican culture, and having your bellies from delicious dishes, beverages, and desserts by the end of the tour. From street food to sit down restaurants you’ll get to experience it all with a knowledgable guide taking you to their top recommended places in Mexico enjoying traditional food. Everything will be paid for with a easy one payment which includes all the food, transportation, and water leaving you with a stress free day with zero planning, and new friends.