Wazz Gud friends! So this post here will be the break down of what Hostel is fit for you during your travels to Hawaii. There are TONS of options in Hawaii so I put together a small guide on the determining factors of each one, chill rating scale, weighing out the prices to see if it’s worth it, and a description on my experience there.

1) Seaside Hostel

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The Seaside Hostel was my first stop in Hawaii because of the high ratings it received on Hostel World. With a open outdoor lounge to chill, hammocks to relax in, large kitchen area to cook, cool bar style table and stools to do work and socialize, this hostel has a pretty great setup. The dorms are a bit small so be ready to get cozy with your bunk mates haha!! The vibe here really depends on which days you decide to stay over at. For instance, when I stayed for my week here, it was packed with a younger crowd (like me) basically a whole european gang and you guys know how rowdy they can get! So when I stayed for my week at Seaside, it definitely felt like a party Hostel. People would go off into groups to adventure off together during the days then everyone would be back at the Hostel at night to play drinking games all together and hit up Mooses together. But near the end of my trip, I went back to Seaside Hostel and it was extremely quiet with not much people out to socialize and party together. So I would say it’s generally a party Hostel (hence the high ratings on Hostel World) but also depends on when you decide to go.

Price: $26 per night
Perks: free toast, free snorkel gear to rent, located right downtown close to Waikiki beach and the nightlife.
Downsides: the room key. If your room key is lost (which happened to my friend and almost to me) you gotta pay up $50. Not really a fan of their washrooms as well. Saw a cockroach in their once. quiet time after 11pm.
Rating: 7.5/10

2) Polynesian Hostel

This hostel is located near Honolulu Zoo which is a couple blocks away from the nightlife or centre of downtown. With a open outdoor lounge attached to a small outdoor kitchen and dorms set up across 4 levels, this hostel holds more people but it could be harder to meet new people here. The vibe here is very diverse. There is a mixture of all types of people here. What I mean is that usually with some hostels you can straight up say oh ya this is a party hostel, or this is a chill out quiet hostel, and so on. I would say that at Polynesian, everyone does their own thing.

The one thing that would make me choose this hostel over any other hostel would be the bed. So I got lucky and happened to have the top bunk right by the window on the 4th floor where I got to fall asleep with the views of Diamond Head right next to me and the summer night breeze to instantly put me into a peaceful sleep. I don’t think I’ve ever slept that well, EVER. If I didn’t have that sweet bed spot, the rating for this hostel would definitely go down a bit.

Price: $26 per night
Perks: large roomy bunks with a lot of space. free snorkel gear rentals. all you can eat Pancakes in the mornings. free storage if you’ve stayed there at least once.
Downsides: TERRIBLE WIFI. SO TERRIBLE. quiet time after 11pm.
Rating: 8.5/10 (because of my bed spot)

3) The Backpackers (Plantation Village)

This hostel is the only Hostel in the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii so if your planning on heading out there, you only really have one choice. The Backpackers has a jungle style hostel vibe where you will feel like your living on a tropical island. When you walk into Plantation Village, it is set up like camp you’ve probably went to as a kid. With the cabins lined up, surrounded by plants, the kitchen is outdoors with picnic benches. If your looking to experience a more outdoor hostel, this is the one for you. In each dorm you have your own personal kitchen with your bunk mates which is nice but the washrooms… my god, I don’t know where to start with this one guys. Let’s just say you’ll wanna keep your flip flops on for the fastest shower you will wanna take in your life LOL. I’m a huge germaphob when it comes to washrooms and I survived so don’t let that stop you from coming here.

Price: $35 per night
Perks: your front yard is Three Tables beach. 2 minute walk away from Foodland to buy groceries. you can easily rent bikes at the Hostel. no “quiet time” you can be outside as long as you want.
Downsides: if your a sensitive sleeper, the roosters literally scream at the top of their lungs every morning at 5am. dirty washrooms. no free breakfast. on the pricier side.
Rating: 7/10

4) Houestal Hostel

There are only two hostels in Kauai. One of them being this one, and the other one being Kapaa Hostel. I went for this one because it was cheaper out of the two and ya girls gotta budget.

With a open outdoor lounge with sofas, a indoor chill area right beside the huge kitchen, and the option to have female, male, or mixed dorms (all for same price). The dorms are nicely set up with two levels and it’s a overall a cozy hostel to spend your time in Kauai. I heard that Kapaa is more of a party hostel but I haven’t been there yet to compare but I can definitely say Houestal Hostel has major chill vibes. People are friendly to all go off to hang out and drink by the beach at night.

Price: $30 per night
Perks: In Kapaa Town easy access to all food, restaurants, and the beach.
Downsides: no free breakfast. quiet time after 11pm. no rental gear. wifi password changes everyday which is annoying.
Rating: 7.5/10