New Year, New Travels. That’s one of the goals I have for 2017 is to explore and travel to as many places I desire and hope that some of you go for it too.

Usually when I come back home to Ottawa, I get questions like “How do you afford to go on so many trips??” or something like “Aren’t you afraid going off on your own to another country?” and of course comments like “I wish I could do what your doing”.

And so for today’s post, I’m gunna answer some of these questions in hopes that you realize that travel CAN be cheap, that you’ll be okay on your own – better yet you might even fall in love with travelling alone, and that all you really need is a little push (from yourself) to just do it.

Lemme start off by tackling the big question on money. “I’m too broke, I don’t have the money to travel”. Believe it or not, you’re much richer then you think and travel is a lot cheaper then it looks. The most expensive part of your whole entire trip will hands down be that plane ticket. But once your there, you can travel cheap and get the most out of any trip. For instance, I travelled to Hawaii for 6 weeks and spent a total of $2000 which included food, transportation, place to stay, and basically everything besides my plane ticket. If we break that down, that’s about 50 dollars per day including everything. I grocery shopped to cook my own food, I stayed in Hostels which saves you a gazillion, I biked or hitch hiked whenever I could. And Hawaii isn’t known to be the cheapest place to travel to and I still did it under a budget, you can too. It’s just a matter of knowing where you are spending your money and making sure you’re being strategic on where it’s going. People often think that a Hawaii trip would cost about $1500 at minimum for a all inclusive beach stay. But you could do that for half the price and probably have a better time being able to travel around outside your resort. And my travel advice isn’t for everybody because we all travel differently. But if your looking for cheap travelling, you can absolutely do this without that much money in your back account. Don’t let money be the factor that’s stopping you from going.

So the next question I get asked constantly is if I’m crazy for backpacking by myself. Yes I am crazy. But no I’m not crazy for backpacking by myself haha. It’s not as scary as you think it is and once you are able to push yourself to do it, you’ll realize how amazing of an experience it really is. Even if backpacking is not for you, I urge everyone to at LEAST try it once before making the judgement if it’s right for them. A lot of people have told me that Mexico was a unsafe place to travel to… so I backpacked there alone for about 2 weeks and met the most incredible people while staying at hostels. Yes, there were moments when I heard stories of things happening around the area. And yes, I got my shoes and glasses stolen. But because of these things does that stop me from living my life? No. It teaches me to be smarter and to be more aware when I’m travelling. A “safe” place to travel to is just as unsafe as a “unsafe” place depending on who you run into. That’s just life, theres good and bad people everywhere and you can’t just generalize and say yup this ones a terrible place to go to and super unsafe because of stories I heard. Everywhere you go there is a possibility of something happening and that’s life, but you have the power to choose to let fear determine the course of your life or to just trust in yourself that you will be careful and aware when travelling. If your constantly living in fear, you’ll never see the full potential of what the world has to offer.

I know it can be hard to step out of your comfort zone and to do things that scare you. And I get scared of things too! Were human, it’s okay to be. But the moment you set your mind to it and let go of all the things that are holding you back and focus on just going and believing in yourself that you will figure it out on the way, the most amazing things will happen. Life happens.

So stop doubting yourself, and just go for it.