1) Messy Bun

My go to up do if I really don’t feel like spending time on it but need it to be tied up would be the top knot slash mess bun. I feel like every person has their own way of doing their top knots. I personally like mine loose with a few strands sticking out above my ear and the messier my hair, the easier! I gather all my hair to the mid top of my head and fold my hair to the desired size of my bun and secure that with a hair tie.

2) Braided Low Buns

I love this hairstyle when I’m feeling funky and fun. Because I have colourful highlights in my hair I love doing braids because it shows all the colours that hide beneath my hair when it’s down. This hairstyle is created by doing two french braids at the top of your head and when you get to the end of your head when you would typically branch out and braid all the way to the end, you tie it in two low buns instead!

3) High Buns

This hairstyle is a bit easier then the braided low buns with simply gathering all your hair into two high pig tails. Start with one side first and once you have gathered your hair to the point of your head where you want your bun to be, twist your hair so that it curls up into a swirl to effortlessly fall into a bun. Secure your bun with a tight elastic and do the other side.

4) High Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle is what I like to do when I’m on day 2 without a hair shower so the top of my head is greasy but not the bottom. I did this particular half up half down a bit high so the hair falls pretty high splitting on two sides. It’s a more cuter look. Section the top of your hair from the bottom. Taking your top section, smoothen the front of your head for fly aways as you pull the section of your hair to high point of the back of your head. Secure your hair with a tie.

5) Half Up Half Down with a Bun

This style of half up half down is the my definite go to for every day. Do the same steps as you would for #4 but add in the step where you create your bun by folding the section of your hair to make the small top bun.

6) Two Sided Braided Low Bun

I absolutely LOVE this hairstyle and it was a friend from Kauai that showed me how to do this one. Ever since she taught me how I couldn’t stop wearing this look. It looks so fancy and hard to do but it’s actually super easy. You start by creating that french braid at the top of your head on each side. DO the french braid centred from your hairline and ear (not too close to the top). Once you reach the end of your head, combine the two braids together at the centre and bottom of your head and wrap your hair around your ring finger multiple times until you run out of hair. Secure the bun you have created with a tie.