Matter Prints is a lifestyle clothing company inspired by travel and curating cultural influences and textiles from artisans to connect communities to opportunities.

With their mission to challenge others to ask themselves where and why a product is made before purchasing something because every items has it’s original roots on where they were created and who created them.

Their Story:
“We are inspired by the kind of travel we love. Story driven, community based, built on direct relationships and commitment to respecting provenance. Founded in 2014, we began simply with the intention to make where and why something is made, and by whom, matter. An idea borne of conversations and late night dreaming between two friends, Yvonne and Ren, became a mission to make connected clothing – pieces carrying handcrafted grace in each thread and cultural heritage in their colours and shapes.”

I got to personally style their Sideswept Dhoti + Mobi Pomegranate Pants worn in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. I love the vibrant red colour on the pants and the simple prints along with it. The high quality fabric and the design of these pants makes for the most comfortable pants when traveling. Because I am travelling in humid climates, I try to avoid wearing leggings, jeans, or anything that is too tight because that makes it very uncomfortable when your walking around in tropical weather or heading to the beach. These pants are perfect for style and comfort. Could easily pair with a lot of different tops to be styled for multiple occasions. If it’s a casual day I would pair it with a simple tank top, to the beach I would wear my swim suit under which works to look like a beach cover up outfit, and if I were to go out to dinner I can pair it with a fancier blouse or top. The side swept fold is a pocket that adds a lot of character to the pants making it a statement piece.

Below are a couple photos on how I wore Matter Prints. If I had three words to describe my story with these pants it would be life in colours.