So I’m basically gunna be a mermaid for 2017 that’s literally the plan. I’ve been so indecisive on what I want to do with my hair for the longest time and it always just ends up growing super long and me getting impulsive and chopping it all off on my own (sceanario repeat, and repeat, and repeat). I’ve been wanting to do something really different and crazy with my hair for THE LONGEST TIME so I finally did it and I couldn’t be happier.

My hair was in good hands with Jet Black Ottawa Hair Studio that took on my plain lioness hair and turned it into the mermaid locks I dreamed of. I got four different colours in my hair which were a fuschia pink, electric blue, forest green, and a violet. I went for a galaxy feel with the darker colourful tones. Because my hair is a natural black, I didn’t expect the colours to turn out as vibrant as they did. I only went in to the Jet Black studio for one session and my hair turned out this beautiful! Ilona and her team helped me so much in deciding which colours to do and what sort of style I wanted it to turn out in the end. Her team is extremely talented in being creative and fun even if you only walk into the salon with vague ideas! So happy with the change for 2017 because I want this year to be filled with travels, colours, happiness, and good kinds of craziness. Excited to be posting up more photos with my new hair colour for the New Year. If you’ve been having thoughts on wanting to do something different with your hair, just do it! And regret it later if it turns out bad haha… Or just go to Jet Black Ottawa Studio and get it done there šŸ™‚

Also take a look at my interview with Ilona Garson, Founder of Jet Black Hair Studio and get the inside scoop on 2017 hair trends, tips, and products from a professional.

2017 is gunna be great year, I can feel it.